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New Shiseido Spring 2011 Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios — More Tantalizing,Travel-Inspired Palettes




Last fall, Dick Page, Artistic Director for Shiseido Makeup, invited beauty hounds to embark on a journey through his travel memoirs, relying on photos of magnificently pulchritudionous landscapes (from a snowy mountain range in Long Island to exuberantly rich green vegetation in a Dominica rainforest) and landmarks (among them a golden bronze statues positioned atop the roof of the Opera Garnier in Paris) to create a striking, well-rounded collection of Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios.  Now, Page has added three new musketeers to his color infantry.

The three new palettes in the Shiseido Spring 2011 Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio family include: Bouquet (VI308), a range of purple and violet hues inspired by a floral bouquet; Voyage (BR209), a trio of golden sand and brown shades inspired by a photo of Shiseido model Raquel Zimmerman navigating through the Venetian waters in a motoscafi; and Punky Blues (BL310), a palette featuring electric blues of varying intensities and a perky, blue-toned pink.

All these eye color trios were formulated using such innovated technology as: Satin Smooth Pearls that create a velvety texture, making them sweep onto lids effortlessly; Micromatic Color Pigments that reflect (rather than absorb) light, hence yielding a more vivid effect; Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE so lids stay moisturized and color stays looking fresh all day long; and Dual Optimizing Powder, which allows eye shadow colors to be perfectly recreated and increases their longevity.

In true Shiseido form, the shadows look exquisite on lids. From the first sweep of your eyes shadow brush, you’ll notice the ebullient intensity of the pigment positioned on the lids. These moist, powder-based shadows are easy to manipulate, so that you can fully cover eyelids, creases and brow bones, swirling, buffing, blending and layering as desired. The eye shadows are highly pigmented from the very beginning but with each additional layer of color, their intensity is further magnified, allowing you to experiment with more subtle or bolder looks depending on the desired effect. More importantly, the shadows’  light-reflecting pigments create a nuanced, brilliant effect without the juvenile air lent by the glitter particles used in other shadows.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the new Bouquet, Voyage, and Punky Blues trios, as well as a couple of looks created!


Pictured below, you’ll find swatches of the three eye shadows in the Punky Blues palette: a sapphire blue hue with a silvery white finish; an icy cornflower blue with an iridescent, pearly white sheen; and a blue-toned, Hello Kitty-style, candy necklace-ready pink with a hint of silvery glimmer.



Here’s another view of the three shades in the Punky Blues Eye Color Trio:



Below, you’ll find a photo of me wearing the shades in the trio. I started off by applying the pink color to the lids and crease. Next, I applied the lighter blue  shadow to the inner corners of eyes. I then reapplied a bit of the pink shadow, blending it with the electric blue for a seamless effect. To finish off the look, I added a hint of the darker blue to the outer corners, sweeping the color in a “V” formation and blending thoroughly.



Here’s a straight-ahead shot of the look created:





If you’re a purp fiend, you’ll appreciate the Shiseido Satin Eye Color Trio in Bouquet. The palette features: a Dimetapp-esque grape color with reddish brown undertones reminiscent of the roses often incorporated into wedding bouquets; a reddish purple plum shade reminiscent of a field of purple tulips or, for very specific reference floral references, of the top edges of Caradonna Salvia flowers and the deeper shades of wild Foxglove blooms; and a frosty, ultra light lilac shade reminiscent of pearly French lilac blossoms.

Pictured here are the three shades in the Bouquet palette:



Here’s another glimpse of the three eye shadows in the Bouquet palette:



Below, you’ll find a photo of a look created with these three eye shadows. I started off by brushing the mid-toned, reddish plum color to lids. Next, I swept the pearly, light lilac color to the crease are, and blended it with the reddish plum purple. Lastly, I added the dark purple shade to the inner half of lids, blending thoroughly with the shade beneath it.



Here’s a shot of the look from another angle:


Next, you’ll find a close-up of the eye look:





Last, but not least, Dick Page experimented with brown and gold shades in his Voyage palette. This eye color trio features: an almond-like, toasty golden brown with a hint of shimmer; a butterscotch-like, honey mustard-tinged,golden yellow shade; and a soft, creamy, golden beige hue reminiscent of the inside of a macadamia nut, but with a much frostier look.

Pictured below are the three eye shadows in the Voyage Eye Color Trio:



Check out the eye shadows from another vantage point:



Gorgeous, right? It’s hard to pick a favorite among these! These new eye shadow palettes are more than worthy of your beauty treasure trove, plus they bear an affordable price tag (only $33 each) so that you can, in fact, invest in all three!

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trios, $33 each. Available at Nordstrom.com


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