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Treesje’s Warhol Collection — An Urban Bohemia Bag-Scape




Pop art icon Andy Warhol once said, “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.” Perhaps that’s why he believed love was more satisfying as an abstract idea, a phenomenon depicted in films, described in literature, and interpreted in art, than as a real-life sentiment that could lead to both glorious and devastating moments. Warhol, then, seemed to shun personal intimacy, relishing his own self-professed superficiality, his love of beautiful things and people. But what made Warhol’s interpretation of beauty so unique was his ability to take mundane objects (like the now iconic Campbell’s soup can) and transform them into sources of inspiration, creative fodder for his paintings and illustrations. He insisted on blurring the line between commerce and art, two worlds that most artists tried to keep completely separate, even stating, “Making money is art, working is art, and good business is the best art.”

The Pittsburgh-born artist, then, would love the way handbag brand Treesje adopted some of these ideas, creating two limited-edition styles imbued with a free-spirited vibe that speaks to Warhol’s well-documented love of bohemianism and his support of uninhibited music, film, and art that challenged conventional norms regarding gender, sex, propriety, politics, and more. Treesje’s two-piece Warhol collection is poised to launch on February 22nd, which marks the 24th anniversary of the late painter and printmaker’s death.

The Warhol bag (pictured at top in stone leather) features a laid-back, slouchy silhouette thanks to its trapeze-like front panel; rounded, envelope-like front flap; and bulging sides. This Bohemian flair, however, is counteracted by more structured details like the two embossed black leather buckle straps that secure the front flap, the slim black leather top handle with gold hardware accents, and the detachable shoulder strap.

The Sedgwick bag (pictured second from top), meanwhile, is named after Warhol’s famous muse Edie Sedgwick. Like the Warhol, the Sedgwick illustrates a push-and-pull between the lax and the regimented, the abstruse and the concrete, the beatnik and the industrial. The smaller, more structured shoulder satchel features a square fa├žade with rounded edges; a front flap with a curved, moon-like edge; two thick, buckled, black embossed leather strap closures; hefty silver-toned strap buckles for a factory-like twist; a slim, detachable shoulder strap; and a sturdy top handle with metal buckle accents along the sides.

In this case, we have to agree with Warhol on the value of anticipation since waiting for these bags to drop has left us filled with a sense of excitement.


Treesje “Warhol” Bag, $568, and Treesje “Sedgwick” Bag, $365. Available at Treesje.com starting February 22nd.

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