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Tuxedo Nails At Ruffian Fall/Winter 2011


Leave it to Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais to turn a manicure into a black-tie event. Their Fall/Winter 2011 show paid homage to the tuxedo, exploring both the hard-edged and the aristocratic uses and elements of the tailored tailcoat jacket and broad lapels. To capture the punk-meets-posh, masculine-but-feminine attitude of the clothes, the Ruffian designers enlisted top CND manicurist Kristina Estabrooks to channel this vibe into the look of models’ nails.

Estabrooks, then, made each nail resemble a crisp tuxedo shirt with the requisite cummerbund and bow-tie accessories you’d expect to find a groom or debonair gentleman wearing. To create the look, Estabrooks and the CND team started by applying CND Asphalt lacquer as the base color, then brushing on a coat of Blue Shimmer and a coat of Violet Shimmer to yield a slightly iridescent lavender-tinged hue.

Next, the CND manicurists added tuxedo-ready black-tie details with CND Blackjack, placing three vertical dots resembling shirt buttons along the center of each nail plate, creating two touching triangle shapes resembling bow-ties near the top, curved nail ridge, and brushing one broad stroke horizontally along the bottom of the nail, by the cuticle, to resemble a cummerbund.

Last, to finish off the look and add a runway-ready luster, they added CND’s Super Shiney Top Coat.

How’s that for a formal nail invitation?

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