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Change Your Luck With New Junkprints Good Fortune Bag




Remember when Harvey’s seatbelt bags were all the rage? Well, Junkprints designer Chanel Kennebrew has breathed new life into this interwoven strap construction, giving the concept her own streetwise spin. Rather than reusing dowdy polyester automotive seatbelt straps, Kennebrew upcycled thick, ribbon-like, vinyl strips in yellow lemon, Sunkist orange, baby pink, and turquoise, interweaving them to yield an origami-like effect.The result: the new Junkprints Good Fortune Bag, a piece so funkadelic, it will make anone who wears it feel like Lady Luck herself.

The oversize purse itself has an oversize shape, with a zipper running vertically along either end. But here’s the twist: when the black leather strap running horizontally from one end of the bag to the other is attached to the two black, golden chain-accented shoulder straps, the bag’s silhouette is transformed and a fortune cookie shape emerges. When the shoulder bag is folded, the button snap closures along the top outer edges come together at the center, allowing you to set the fortune cookie shape. Once contorted into its hobo-esque form, the zippers face upward, so that they’re positioned at the top rim, adjacent to each other and separated by the center snap closures.

Each Good Fortune Bag is handmade and one-of-a-kind, so no need to worry about enduring the fashion equivalent of cracking open a fortune cookie only to discover that the printed paper tucked inside bears a mantra or fateful prediction you’ve encountered before. Here, your fortune is yours alone!



Junkprints Good Fortune Bag, $275. Available at Store.Junkprints.com

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