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Designer Mara Hoffman Gives Skintimate Shave Gel Cans A Bold Makeover






You know the age-old adage: “April showers lead to May flowers.” Well, a new collaboration between fashion designer Mara Hoffman and shave gel brand Skintimate is giving the phrase a brand new interpretation. In May 2011, Skintimate will roll out four limited-edition shave gel cans designed by Hoffman, all meant to add a bouquet’s worth of vibrant spring color to your showering routine.

Hoffman’s free-spirited aesthetic, her fearless use of color, and penchant for vivid prints (from tribal motifs and feather prints to geometric compositions and kaleidoscopic, air balloon-worthy prints), are all infused into the four shave gel can designs. The four Skintimate Limited Edition cans were unveiled last month during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

The Skintimate Signature Scents in Flirty Mango shaving cream, infused with a tropical mango and olive butter fragrance, comes in a sunset-worthy bright yellow can with wave-like, tangerine orange swirls undulating along the bottom of the can and swirling upward, ensconcing the ripe mango fruits depicted along the center of the can. The Skintimate Signature Scents in Raspberry Rain, meanwhile, smells like fresh raspberries and features a wallpaper-like, Ottoman-inspired, kaleidoscopic purple-and-magenta pattern with a gradient quality, so that the deep purple along the bottom of the can moves towards a perky pink color as one’s gaze moves upward, culminating at the hot pink cap. For the Skintimate Signature Scents in Strawberry Tangerine Twist, Hoffman chose a perky, strawberries-and-cream motif, with a peachy, pale yellow along the bottom of the can flowing into a warm, soft coral pink that intensifies as you look upward to the honeysuckle-colored cap. The two strawberries at the center of the can are shown wrapped in ribbon-like slithers in golden yellow and deep honeysuckle pink. Last, there’s the Skintimate Skin Therapy in Dry Skin shave cream, which comes in a lilac pink can with a faint paisley-inspired pattern and which features a tribal-flavored, starburst-like ring in crisp white and mauve pink encircling the words “Vitamin E” at the center of the can. All the shave gels are enriched with Vitamin E, which is rich in antioxidants and protects skin from free radicals, and pro-vitamin B5, which hydrates and conditions skin.

The usage of color in the cans’ designs, the incorporation of paisley patterns, tribal motifs, free-spirited waves and ribbon-like swirls, all ring true to Hoffman’s aesthetic while corresponding perfectly to the shave cream scents for which they were envisioned.

Set to hit national retailers in May 2011, the Skintimate Limited Edition designer cans have a suggested price of $2.79.

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