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Do The Dew — Virgins, Saints & Angels “Dew Divine” Collection






Whether collaborating with the Kardashians on a limited-edition collection, immortalizing the theatricality of Mexican lucha libre (from the actual sport to the elaborate masks and costumes worn by the participants), or offering spiritual protection via modernized San Benito medallions, jewelry brand Virgins, Saints & Angels specializes in pieces that convey a respectful appreciation for Mexican culture and the accompanying symbology, incorporating religious iconography in a manner that feels like a devout form of genuflection. Launched by Cheryl “Finn” Finnegan after a move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the Virgins, Saints & Angels brand seems to reflect Finnegan’s own sense of wonderment towards her adopted homeland.

The latest Virgins, Saints & Angels collection, Dew Divine, is inspired by the writings of Saint Therese of Lisieux who, in 1888, joined the Carmel of Lisieux nunnery at the age 15. In 1898 alone, a year after her death at the tender age of 24, over 2,000 copies of Saint Therese of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul were printed and sold, with new editions being printed every year thereafter. In her poetry, meanwhile, Therese often references the wonders of nature to express the love and devotion she harbored for her Lord and Creator. In keeping with the spirit of her writings, then, the Dew Divine collection incorporates crosses, butterfly motifs, peacock feather shapes, rosette motifs, etched leaf silhouettes, rosary necklace shapes, and images of Therese in vintage-looking medallions.

Pictured here are some of our favorite pieces in the Dew Divine collection. At top, you’ll find the Peacock Triple Earrings, which feature a gothic-flavored, brassy gold cross with a trio of elongated, hollowed, pyramid-shaped slithers, each boasting curved lines along its exterior and slim triangle forms along their center. These plumage-inspired forms culminate in heart-like shapes at their lower extremities, with center stones set in hollowed-out arches to resemble the eyes of peacock feathers. Next, you’ll find a silver-plated version of the Peacock Cuff, an etched bracelet with a flower-meets-cross motif at its center, with a rosette detailing at its heart and rounded “petals” in concentric, heart-like shapes, the bases of which are accentuated with opaque, aqua-colored stones. The Peacock Ring (pictured after the jump, second) zooms in on this central shape, with bead-like detailing along the inner ridges of the ring’s outermost, heart-shaped arcs and round bluish stones along the leafy perimeter of the central rosette motif.

The peacock feather references in these pieces can be attributed to this creature’s status as a symbol of protection and enlightenment — in ancient Greece, the feathers’ eyes symbolized the wisdom of the heavens, while many Buddhist believe these elegant birds stand for complete truthfulness and candor. Butterfly motifs, meanwhile, are meant to represent metamorphosis — more specifically, they allude to the constant evolution of the soul, the change from egg to caterpillar to pupa in a chrysalis to free and splendid butterfly. In many ancient depictions of the Garden of Eden, butterflies are used to symbolize Adam’s soul, while their presence in paintings of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus refers to a belief that these winged insects can somehow protect human souls. Both the Butterfly Bead Necklace and the Butterfly Ring (pictured below), then, capture the magnificence of the most beloved of insects.

Hey, the Dew Divine pieces may not be guaranteed to save your soul, but they will certainly save your wardrobe!

Pictured above: Virgins, Saints & Angels Peacock Triple Earrings, $229; Silver-Plated Peacock Cuff, $304; Leaf Rosary, $235; and Peacock Cuatro Earrings, $231, and Oaxaca Earrings, $189. Available at LoveMySwag.com. Visit VSAdesigns.com for additional retailers.

Pictured below: Virgins, Saints & Angels Peacock Ring in Silver, $284; Butterfly Bead Necklace, $312; Magdalena Cage Charm, $141; and Butterfly Ring, $308. Available at LoveMySwag.com. Visit VSAdesigns.com for additional retailers.









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