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Enter A New Dimension With The Lorac Multiplex 3D Collection






What action-packed, major studio film isn’t being released in an iMax-ready, 3D format? Be it TRON or Megamind, audiences seem to crave an adrenaline-pumping, reality-defying theatrical experience, one that makes them feel as if the film’s characters were among their midst, interacting with them. For Spring 2011, LORAC Cosmetics is toying with the idea of optical illusions created via makeup, unveiling a collection of heavily pigmented, extremely versatile, chameleon-esque eye shadows and lip glosses that seem to morph on the skin.

The marquee product in the collection is the LORAC Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette, which features six eye shadows packaged in an ’80s-flavored, Grace Jones-ready, black-and-silver, faux python print palette. Saturated with a sophisticated sparkle, the velvety, lustrous, high-impact eye shadows hues range from a near-platinum silver to a sleek, gunmetal-tinged, indigo-meets-midnight-blue color worthy of a Fantastic Four costume and a golden bronze shade with butterscotch-y camel tones. The most magnetizing color in the palette is a Bordeaux wine shade that looks like a tarnished, green-laced pewter color inside the compact but, when brushed on the skin, transforms into a prismatic burgundy saturated with emerald, teal, and forest green sparkle that lends the shade its holographic-like splendor.

Even if you choose to apply an eye shadow hue that’s not included in the palette, you can infuse it with a three-dimensional effect by layering on a coat of the new LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre, which will give any surface an Avatar-worthy amount of glimmer. The Liquid Lustre is a glitter-packed white liquid featuring a dropper top, so that you can just squeeze and release a drip of the product (a pea-sized amount is enough to cover the back of your hand) and then spread it over lids using your fingertips or a soft brush. The Liquid Lustre dries rather quickly, and it doesn’t make any powder or cream shadows underneath it clump, crease, or crack. Instead, it yields a sheer, white-ish, nebulae-like film with an Andromeda Galaxy’s worth of sparkle. Plus, you can also safely apply the 3D Liquid Lustre to cheeks since it will illuminate and accentuate cheekbones.

The collection also includes the: Multiplex 3D Lashes, a buildable mascara featuring silk and keratin in its formula, both of which help to condition and strengthen lashes; 3-in-1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, available in Ultra Black, Chocolate, or Eggplant; and the Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss Duo, which features the shades 3D (glittery rose bronze with) and 4D (glitter-packed bubblegum pink).

Below, you’ll find swatches of the stunning eye shadows in the LORAC Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette, as well as a sample look created using some hues from the palette. They’re truly silver screen worthy colors!


Pictured below, you’ll find swatches of the six eye shadow colors in the LORAC Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette:



Here are the eye shadow swatches from a slightly different vantage point, one that reveals their luminosity and their near holographic effect:




As you can see in the photos, the eye shadows do transform depending on the lighting source, the angle from which the beholder is gazing at them, and the amount of light altogether.


LORAC Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette, $38; LORAC Multiplex 3D Lashes Volumizing & Thickening Mascara, $22; LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre, $16. Available at Sephora.com

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