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Going All City With The Tumi TAG Collection




Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, a Bronx-bred Puerto Rican teenager adopted the moniker “Crash” and splashed his alter ego’s name all over the New York City subway system, spray painting incorporating shadowing to give his letters a 3D feel, adding comic book-worthy characters to spice up his aerosol murals, and finishing with playful details like bubbles and controlled drips inside his whimsical letters. Not only did John “Crash” Matos help to pioneer the subway art movement in New York City, but he was one of the few writers who made a successful transition to the art gallery real. Since he first started experimenting with works on canvas, which he first exhibited at Bronx hot spot Fashion Moda in 1982, Crash has gone on to show his Roy Lichtenstein-inspired pieces at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, the Galerie Michel Gillet in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, the Musee D’Art Moderne et D’Art Contemporian in Nice, Belgium’s Gallery Cotthem, and countless others.

Now, you can help Crash turn airports everywhere into his own gallery space by showing off one of the suitcases he designed for the new Tumi TAG collection. The travel collection includes suitcases, carry-ons, and and iPhone case, each showing a different section of one of Crash’s original works of art. These hardside travel cases, then, function as pieces of one colorful puzzle which, together, reveal a beautiful whole. The Tumi TAG collection includes an iPhone cover that retails for a reasonable $45; as well as two International Carry-On suitcases (either a 2-wheeled or a 4-wheeled model), which go for $445 each; the Medium Trip Packing Case, which measures 28″ x 17.5″ x 11.5″ and goes for $545; and the Extended Trip Packing Case, a large number for longer voyages that’s priced at $595. Only 1,000 pieces of each style were produced for the collection, each with an original, numbered drawing by Crash tucked inside its interior.

If your traveling habits resemble those of George Clooney in Up in the Air, you’ll appreciate the roominess of the Tumi Tag Limited Edition Extended Trip Packing Case, a wheeled suitcase measuring 32.5″ x 20.5″ x 12.5″ and featuring a durable but lightweight, triple-layer ABS and polycarbonate shell, as well as retractable carry handles, an Omega 2010 zipper system, and surface-mounted locks. Features like a removable garment sleeve and zippered pockets inside the interior make staying organized a cinch, regardless of your destination.

Think of how much color you could add to a drab airport terminal by rolling through with one of these — your suitcase would stand out like a Rolls-Royce in a used car lot!

To celebrate the Tumi TAG collection launch, the brand is holding a special sweeps for its Facebook fans. Through March 25th, log onto Tumi’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/TumiTravel) and fill out a contest entry form for a chance to win a suitcase bearing Crash’s artwork. One winner will be chosen at random on Friday, March 18th; Tuesday, March 22nd; and Friday, March 25th.





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