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Kitchen Confidential — VIPP Introduces New Line Of Kitchen Tools



Tired of all those "shabby chic" kitchen wares, like those woven rattan and wicker bread baskets and those homely dishwashing towels with floral appliqués? Ready to toss that '60s diner-style Tablemaker salt shaker? Then here's something to quell your anxiety, my modernity-embracing mavens: Vipp has just launched a new line of sleek kitchen tools in monochromatic tones. The collection includes a bread box, salt and pepper mill set, and dishwashing set — all designed to maximize functionality while also emphasising Vipp's trademark aesthetic, via simple shapes, minimalist motifs, and clean lines.

The Vipp salt and pepper mill set, for example, is available in a black-and-white color combination for a nod to the Art Deco period. Each of the cylindrical ceramic mills features a stainless steel top lid with serrated edges. When you twist the cap, you'll hear a grinding noise that gives the experience a more authentic feel. The salt and pepper set comes with a painted black aluminum base that fits both mills, making storage both easy and stylish. This elongated, slim, elliptical-shaped base features rubber inserts that can be removed to simplify the cleaning process.

Next, there's the dishwashing set: a slim black bracket that can be mounted onto your kitchen wall and which features a stainless steel bar through which to loop towels (like the white cotton cloth included in the set), as well as unobtrusive notches on either side of the bracket on which to hang the dish brushes. The bracket's design alone eliminates the inconvenience of damp sponges or brushes that leak all over your sink and kitchen counter, accumulating bacteria and eventually getting a not-so-fresh odor. Once you hang the brush on its bracket, you can let it air dry, eliminating clutter and keeping the sink area clean and dry.

The dishwashing  brush, meanwhile, boasts a slightly curved design that makes it easy to reach the bottom of tall glasses and deep pots. The perforations along the rubber-coated handle lighten some of the steel core's weight without compromising the brush's sturdiness. Best of all, the rounded brush heads can be removed as needed, so there's no need to keep buying new brushes whenever the bristles look frayed and stiff.

Last, there's the Vipp bread box, a 3-gallon, rubber-and-stainless steel container measuring 16.3" x 7.5" x 8.9". Available in black or white, the elliptical-shaped bread box features a metal lid with a slim slit along the center and small ventilation holes all over the surface. The bread box also comes with a cotton bag in which to tuck your bread (or any other food you plan to store in the container) so as to keep it dry, fresh, and ready to eat.

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Vipp Salt and Pepper Mill Set, $189; Vipp Dishwashing Set; and Vipp Bread Box, $199. Visit Vipp.com for store info.

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