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Nahui Ollin’s Archie Collection Brings Tee Riverdale High Crew Back To Life



Countless magazine and newspaper articles, online forums, and polls have been devoted to a single question rooted in comic book lore: “Are you a Betty or a Veronica?” The original frenemies seemed to be polar opposites, with raven-haired, sexy, hot-tempered Veronica obsessing over clothes and enjoying a lavish lifestyle,  and blond Betty epitomizing the sweet, academics-minded, good girl next door. But they were both endearing in their own way, as was lanky, crown-rocking Jughead, the vain jock Reggie, and freckled redhead Archie. And now, you can relive those childhood years when you pored over Archie Comics digests to read up on the Riverdale High crew’s latest schemes, pranks, and romantic dramas. After years of binding candy wrappers, soda bottle labels, and gum wrappers, weaving them to create textured and vivid eco-friendly shoulder bags and clutches, 8-year-old brand Nahui Ollin is adding comic book pages to its list of recycled materials.

The Nahui Ollin Archie Collection consists of six handbag styles, among them the roomy Weekender (pictured at top); the Camera Bag, a dainty number with a denim wrist strap; and the modest Last Call purse, which features a detachable, slim denim shoulder strap and a U-shaped dark denim front flap with brown contrast stitching.

With these, you can roll with Betty and Veronica every time you hang your purse on your shoulder.

Nahui Ollin Weekender Archie Comics, $180.60; Nahui Ollin Camera Bag Archie, $30; and Nahui Ollin Last Call Archie Comics, $68.80. Available at NahuiOllin.com

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