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Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment Establishes A New Haircare Pecking Order


Until recently, there were only two hair oils on which I bestowed the most effusive praise, essentially describing them as anointed oils sent from Samson-like gods with luscious, power-harnessing tresses: the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue and the Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil Treatment. But now, I have finally tumbled upon the third side of my hair oil Trinity: the new Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment. This lightweight oil completes the core Couture Colour line launched by renowned hair colorist Jonathan Gale — which includes a complete range of products that allows women to obtain salon-like hair color via easy-to-use, ammonia-free, at-home kits (themselves boasting formulas enriched with pequi oil). The Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment helps women safeguard their color and keep it from fading, soften tresses, and boost shine.

Since the Pequi Oil Treatment is sold individually, you don’t necessarily have to invest in one of the Luxeblend Creme Hair Colour kits to witness its genius (I, for one, have come to terms with the fact that I’m too daft to experiment with at-home color, no matter how easy the instructions might appear to be). In fact, you don’t even need to dye your hair to benefit from the revitalizing effects of this hair treatment (though, of course, women with color-treated hair will be particularly pleased).

Argan oil, camella extract oil, sunflower seed oil, and jojoba oil continue to figure among the botanical ingredients du jour, but Couture Colour dismissed these trendy, buzzy plant extracts in favor of pequi oil, a powerhouse element that has flown under the radar — until now, that is. Extracted from the pequi fruit (otherwise known as the Caryocar Brasilense) native to the Amazon rainforest, pequi oil is packed with vitamins A, C, and E, all antioxidants that protect hair from free radicals and provide a natural UV filter, thereby ensuring that hair color doesn’t fade under the sun’s harsh rays. Its high concentration of essential fatty acids also help to restore moisture to the hair, smoothing it out and taming frizz and flyaways, while its sizable linoleic and oleic acid content works to soften tresses.

And, unlike heavier, thicker oils, you can apply the Pequi Oil Treatment any time you please. First, I’d suggest applying a pea-sized amount prior to shampooing, so that the oil can lock in the moisture that might otherwise be stripped from your hair during the shampooing process (and, those of you with chemically abused hair, remember to avoid hair cleansers with sulfates and parabens that will further dry out your hair and subdue your color). If you’ve got frizzy and painfully dry hair, you can also apply the oil to clean and damp hair, combing your mane so that it’s evenly distributed, and blow-drying or styling hair as usual for a sleeker, more manageable ‘do. Most of all, I like applying the oil once I’m finished styling my hair, using it to tame frizz an fly-aways and to make my frayed ends look smoother and healthier. Really, you can use the oil any time you see fit. Whereas most styling and hair care products are designed for use on damp hair, this one can be applied to wet or dry hair, making it all the more appealing a purchase.

Not only will your hair feel silkier after applying the Pequi Oil Treatment, but you’ll notice how the product manages to capture the nuances of your hair color. Every time I use it, I marvel at how it brings out the golden, ash, and caramel tones of my blond and highlighted hair — even when I’m beyond overdue for a touch-up from my colorist. And, while it doesn’t smooth frizz quite as well as some other products I’ve tried, it certainly does tame hair a bit and radically boost shine.

Color me happy!

Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment, $32. Available at Sephora.com

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