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Don’t Stop The Music With Lyric Culture Teardrop Rings



Whether you want to call it kismet or just a colossal coincidence, last week Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" (and, for that matter, Janet Jackson's "Son Of A Gun remix) was replaying in a loop inside my head when I randomly stumbled across a rock-flavored, teardrop-shaped ring with the "clouds in my coffee" portion of the song's lyrics silk-screened along its surface. I decided to interpret the fateful jewelry encounter as a sign from the cosmos that I needed to incorporate this bauble into my wardrobe (can you blame me?). And now, well, there's no clouds in my coffee or stormy fashion forecasts.

If you're a music lover like me, you'll appreciate Lyric Culture's fun-loving range of oversize, teardrop-shaped rings, all of which feature silk-screened lyrics across the top surface. The "You're So Vain" ring measures 1" in width and 2" in length and is crafted out of silver-plated metal with an oxidized finish, intentional scratches along the flattened top surface for a grungy, lived-in feel, and a textured band with a V-shaped, rope-like, embossed embellishment.

The Lyric Culture "Heartbreaker" ring also pays homage to an iconic, trail-blazing female musician: Pat Benatar. The gold-plated metal ring features antique-style, crackled black leather along the interior of the gold-rimmed teardrop silhouette. The words to the Pat Benatar "Heartbreaker" song's memorable chorus are silk-screened atop the leather in gold lettering, bolstering the piece's rock-n' roll edge.

Heartbreakers, do mess around with these rings!

Lyric Culture "You're So Vain" and "Heartbreaker" Teardrop Rings, $58 each. Available at Nordstrom.com and LyricCulture.com

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