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Olay Total Effects Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush — Will It Make Eyes Light Up?


The seventh day was one of rest in the Creation narrative related in Genesis, but the number 7 is quite the busy bee in the Olay Total Effects universe. The latest addition to the Total Effects range, the Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing Brush aims to fight seven signs of aging by moisturizing the undereye area to make it appear more plump and supple, hence reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles; tightening the skin under the eyes; camouflaging dark circles; evening skin tone and boosting luminosity; and massaging bags under eyes via the brush tip applicator, thereby minimizing puffiness.

The lightweight eye cream features a wide brush tip similar to what you’d use to apply foundation (it’s like a larger version of the YSL Touch Eclat concealer) and a push button on the opposite end, which you can click to dispense the moisturizer to the brush applicator. When you first use the Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing Brush, you need to push the button several times, up until you see the tinted moisturizer dripping down the bristles of the brush. The tinted moisturizer inside the tube offers a rather sheer bit of coverage, thanks to a flesh-toned hue with yellowish, lobster bisque-like undertones. Though the color is meant to be universal, to suit a plethora of skin tones, it clearly will only suit women with fair complexions (and with yellow and olive undertones to their skin colors, at that). Hopefully, Olay will eventually offer a broader range of tinted moisturizers rather than trying to bill any one tint as “universal.”

That being said, when women with corresponding skin colors apply the tinted moisturizer to the area under eyes, they’ll notice it camouflages dark circles, functioning as a concealer of sorts. After brushing the tinted moisturizer onto skin, users are advised to dab the product onto skin using their ring fingers, gently blending it in to create a seamless effect.

Personally, I’ve been able to use this product to help hide any dark circles under eyes, but I don’t use it as an alternative to concealer for two reasons: 1) it’s not potent enough to completely eradicate those shadowy areas, and 2) though I’m fair-skinned, the yellowish tones in the moisturizer aren’t a perfect match for me and can sometimes leave me looking like I have a slight case of jaundice. The product does, however, amplify the effects of any concealer subsequently applied, leaving the area under the eyes looking way more luminous.

The brush tip, meanwhile, is designed to massage the tender area under the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness. Though the brush tip is incredibly handy and it does feel soft and pleasant against the skin, it doesn’t provide as effective a massaging motion as, say, Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum, with its rollerball tip, or the Clarisonic Opal, with its sonic infusion technology. Still, the brush should help to increase circulation in the area under the eyes, reducing the appearance of shadows — even if not a dramatically as the aforementioned products.

As an anti-aging cream, the Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing Brush does function as an affordable and effective morning pick-me-up for eyes. Still, I’d advise those concerned with battling aging signs to complement their morning use of this product with an evening routine involving an eye cream developed specifically to address aging concerns (the Relastin Eye Silk, for example, would be an excellent choice).

Below, you’ll find photos showing what the eye moisturizer looks like when you first apply it onto the skin and what it looks like after some blending action. Hopefully, the photos will help you determine whether this product can work for you!

Here’s what the product looks like on skin when first applied:


Check out what it looks like when blended into the skin:



Olay Total Effects Line & Dark Circle Minimizing Brush, $18.99. Available at mass food and drug retailers nationwide.

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