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Soakin’ Up The New Christian Siriano O-Cel-O Sponges


If you think Elaine Benis was stingy with her limited stash of sponges, wait until you amass your own stash of Christian Siriano-designed scrubbers. Granted: Elaine was concerned with depleting her stock of contraceptive sponges after learning they'd been discontinued, whereas you'd be troubled by the idea of tarnishing your very last limited-edition dish washing device, but the fact remains that both you and Elaine would regard your respective sponges as valuable commodities.

Taking a cue from Kleenex, Puffs, and Bounty, all of which have released napkins and tissues with cheerful prints or packaged inside colorful boxes, sponge brand O-Cel-O is outfitting its cleaner-uppers in runway-ready ensembles — all with the assistance of Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano. 

Thanks to a recent partnership, Siriano has designed two O-Cel-O sponges that channel his gregarious aesthetic and demonstrate his fearless use of color: one, a red-and-black leopard print design; the other, a pop art-inspired design, with carnation pink and dark grape faces printed against an off-white backdrop in a Warhol-esque style. If you look closely at the latter design, you'll notice the woman depicted in the print resembles Glenn Close's character in Dangerous Liaisons, with her Marie Antoinette-inspired hairstyle and chiseled cheekbones. The leopard print sponge, meanwhile, presents a fun alternative to the traditional Pepto pink and Jolly Rancher green options lining supermarket shelves.

Sure, these sponges will grow musty and dirty as quickly as their less attractive counterparts but, until they do, they'll make your kitchen sink look like a happening destination.

A two-pack of sponges retails for $2.59, while a three-pack goes for $3.60.

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