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The Liplicious Royal Collection Celebrates Prince William’s Upcoming Nuptials


Confession: I could care less about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29th wedding. My indifference isn’t mean-spirited, of course, but I can hardly stomach the nuptials of friends and family members, much less those of complete strangers. Needless to say, I haven’t expended any energy on speculations about the dress Middleton will wear, the flowers in her bouquet, or her choice of wedding cake. I wish these crazy kids a long and blissful marriage, as I would any non-celebrity couple, but that’s about the extent of it.

Still, I realize I’m in the minority when it comes to my apathetic attitude about the Royal Wedding. The entire world seems to be holding its breath in anticipation, making all sorts of jubilant gestures. T-Mobile even spearheaded a viral campaign consisting of a video clip of royal family lookalikes doing a “wedding dance.” And in these tumultuous days of economic turmoil, natural catastrophes, political instability, and general uncertainty, any celebratory spirit is to be applauded. So, if the source of this optimism is Prince William tying the knot, I say let’s go with it!

Liplicious is tapping into the Royal Wedding frenzy by repackaging its flavored lip colors and antibacterial soaps, emblazoning these bottles and tubes with collage-like illustrations of Union Jack flags, tiaras, crowns, faceted sapphire heart gems, lip prints, and crystal-lace ribbons. The result is part Rolling Stones cool, part The Princess Diaries sweet.

We’re loving the fruity flavors of the glosses in the Royal Liplicious Collection, all of which are enriched with vitamin E and jojoba oil to soften and moisturize lips and provide free radical protection. Each of the lip colors has a signature flavor and bears a name that references monarchic matters: “If the Tiara Fits”
is a pearly, gold-tinged white color packed with shimmer and featuring a watery pineapple taste; “Princess in Training,” a sheer, Sunkist-ready tangerine shade with golden glitter particles and a sweet, slightly tangy orange flavor; “Kissed by a Prince,” a sheer fuchsia tint packed with clear glitter particles and boasting a juicy watermelon-like flavor; and “Royal Pucker,” a sheer, shimmering peachy pink with a spiced berry taste.

On lips, the colors look extremely sheer, adding just a hint of pigment that boosts lips’ natural coloring without obscuring it. Since they’re not heavily pigmented, then, these glosses mainly yield an icy glazed finish and a jeweled tiara’s worth of shine and sparkle. For me, the main selling point is the flavor of these lip colors — they’re so tasty you’ll have to refrain from excessive lip licking. Fortunately, that also means, you’ll be fighting your sweetheart off as he clamors for one more juicy kiss!

Liplicious Tasty Lip Color, $8 each. Available at Bath & Body Works stores and BathAndBodyWorks.com


Curious to se what these look like on skin? Check out swatches of the Liplicious Tasty Lip Color shades after the jump!

In the below photo, you’ll find swatches of (from top to bottom) the “If the Tiara Fits,” “Kissed by a Prince,” and “Princess in Training” lip colors



Check out the lip colors from another ange that reveals just how much they sparkle!



What do you think? Are you ready to courtsy before these royal colors?


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