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Molton Brown Body Remedies Collection — An Easy Solution





Talk about a body of evidence! The Molton Brown Body Remedies allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin — literally. This collection of body cleansers, scrubs, lotions, firming toners, and relaxing  treatments can be divided into three separate ranges, each formulated to tackle a specific problem or concern: the Renew line addresses aging concerns like duller skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity; the Hydrate range moisturizes and soothes dry and sensitive skin; and the Sleep range soothes both body and mind via calming natural oils that allow for more peaceful and gratifying shut-eye time.

The Renew range (pictured above, second from top) includes three products, all of which contain Ambrusca grape leaf extract harvested in the Ardeche region of France and said to boast a high level of antioxidants that protect skin from free radical damage. Oddly enough, if you perform a simple Google search for “Ambrusca,” you’ll find dozens of sites listing these new products from Molton Brown but nothing else on the ingredient billed as the powerhouse marrow, the foundation-building element of the range. Still, we know it’s a type of grape leaf, and plenty of dermatologists and clinical researchers have documented the high antioxidant content of this natural resource. Aside from Ambrusca grape leaf extract, the products in the Renew range rely on ingredients like Moroccan argan oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids that nourish, moisturize, and tighten skin; grapeseed extract, which boasts a high concentration of flavonoids that protect skin from oxidative and free radical damage; and lychee extract, which moisturizes skin and boosts luminosity. The three products in this range are: the Ambrusca Wash & Scrub, which polishes the skin tenderly with finely ground olive stones, then nourishes it with ambrusca grape leaf extract and Moroccan argan oil; the Ambrusca Cleansing Shower Oil, which is meant to be applied to damp skin and then rinsed off for smoother, softer skin; and the Ambrusca Body Hydra-Tone, which makes skin appear firmer by hydrating and plumping the skin so that puckered, saggy surface areas look more taut. My favorite product in this particular range is the Ambrusca Wash & Scrub since it sloughs off dead skin ever so tenderly, making it suitable for even those with somewhat sensitive skin, and it smells like a Mediterranean feast of olives and grapes.

If your mind turns to race non-stop, your many preoccupations keeping you awake at night, while stress-induced aches and pains induce a toss-and-turn marathon, give the products in the Molton Brown Sleep range a whirl. The products in this collection include the Cedrus Room Aroma Rocks, fragrant and all-natural rocks made of acacia tree sap and soaked in relaxing Bulgarian lavender oil, Moroccan cedrus tree oil, and Florida sweet orange oil, as well as the Cedrus Temple Soother, a portable elixir meant to be applied to pulse points for maximum aromatherapy benefits while on the go. Who needs Ambien when you can rely on all-natural plant oils, right?

But the most applause-worthy portion of the Body Remedies collection is perhaps the Hydrate range (pictured above, at top), which focuses on soothing dry skin with formulations packed with polyphenols and tannins derived from extracts of tamarind, cypress tree seed, linden, pea and moringa.

The Desert Bloom Cleansing Shower Milk is a dermatological tour de force. As someone who suffers from incredibly dry skin, I was ecstatic to find a cleanser that effectively removed dirt and grime while also replenishing skin — without, of course, leaving it feeling balmy and greasy. Most shower gels billed as “hydrating” feel like body balms mixed with a teaspoon of water so that, when you shower with them, you wind up feeling like you need yet another bath to really fully remove any filminess. Fortunately, the Molton Brown Desert Bloom Cleansing Shower Milk truly cleans while nourishing. It feels incredibly lightweight on the skin — if you squeeze the tube in which it’s packaged, you’ll notice a tiny rivulet of cleanser is dispensed, like a creamier version of silly string, onto the palm of your hand. The cleanser feels exquisite against the skin — almost as light as oil, but creamier and milkier, lathering slightly without excessive foaming. It actually makes your shower routine feel indulgent and sensual, as you massage your skin and take in the cleanser’s scent, which is floral but woody and mysterious. When you wash off the cleanser, your skin will feel noticeably smoother. I’m equally impressed with the Molton Brown Hydrate Desert Bloom Body Quencher, a lightweight, milky lotion that’s quickly absorbed by the skin and which leaves it feeling comfortable, soft and replenished. It’s a perfect option for the coming summer months, when the humidity and heat render thick creams downright suffocating. As an added bonus, you’ll smell like a desert rose, worthy of your very own Sting song.

The packaging of the products in the Body Remedies collection is also worth lauding. Rather than flip-top caps that can break easily (or open accidentally inside your bag when they bump against any of your purse’s other contents), each shower gel and body lotion features a brown plastic cap with a flat tab with a thumb indentation that slides out when you press down and pull. This slide tab mechanism not only gives the products a sleek, modern, minimalist look, but it helps to prevent accidental spills. Genius!



Molton Brown Hydrate Desert Bloom Cleansing Shower Milk, $30; Molton Brown Hydrate Desert Bloom Body Quencher, $39; Molton Brown Hydrate Desert Bloom Intense Hand Rescue, $30; Molton Brown Hydrate Desert Bloom Intense Foot Rescue, $27; Molton Brown Renew Ambrusca Wash & Scrub, $32; Molton Brown Renew Ambrusca Cleansing Shower Oil, $34; and Molton Brown Renew Ambrusca Body Hydra-Tone, $39. Available at MoltonBrown.com

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