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You Got It Made! — “Desks for Kids of Kathmandu” Auction Features Table By MADE


When envisioning their honeymoons, most couples fantasize about tropical islands, where they’ll be greeted with leis, shack up in cozy wooden cabanas, and be served Piña Coladas and Frozen Margaritas with paper umbrella decorations while lounging on folding chairs at the beach. Or perhaps they dream of visiting Europe, of locking lips near the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris or listening to Spanish guitar while sipping café con leches in a quaint Madrid restaurant. But, then,furniture designer Andrew Raible and photographer Jami Saunders aren’t your typical couple. The two Brooklynites exchanged vows in Mexico in January 2010 and, rather than remain in their own private happiness bubble (as so many couples do), they decided to celebrate their good fortune by giving back to those in need. With the help of International Volunteer Headquarters, Mr. and Mrs. Raible orchestrated a two-week stay in Nepal that involved living and working with the 41 children residing in a Kathmandu orphanage. They documented their stay with plenty of images and, upon their return to the U.S., held a photography show to raise funds for the children. The event’s success, and their concern over the children they had left behind, prompted them to launch the non-profit organization Kids of Kathmandu, which relies on photography, art and design to raise awareness about the needs of these orphaned children and to raise funds for their educational, nutritional, health and wellness needs.

This month, the power couple unveiled their first official fund-raising initiative: The Desk Project. Eleven children’s desks were designed specifically for this initiative, each by a notable contemporary furniture designer or firm. The desks are being auctioned off on 32Auctions.com, and the proceeds will be used to subsidize the children’s education in Nepal. Since the sale of each desk could potentially fund a child’s education for an entire year, each of these furniture pieces is literally an investment in someone’s future.

Participating companies include Uhuru (which specializes in sustainable design), Daniel Moyer Design (whose work boasts a crafty feel thanks to the cut-wood joinery method employed in his hardwood pieces), and Cambium Studio (which celebrates nature with pieces that showcase the exquisite beauty of natural wood), among others.

Our favorite children’s desk is the piece pictured above, designed by MADE, which features small, colorful blocks (like those kids would use to build castles, forts, and cities) stacked atop one another to form the table’s legs, then pieced together like a giant jigsaw puzzle along the top surface. The various types of woods utilized, the different sizes of the rectangular blocks, the pops of turquoise color, and the whimsical nature in which the components were arranged all make the piece absolutely endearing.

To check out all the pieces in the Desk Project, bid on your favorite, or even buy it immediately (for a Buy It Now prize of $4,500), log onto 32Auctions.com. The auction ends tonight, so hurry and get those bids in!


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