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BITE Beauty Collection Tastes Victory





Enter a new oral fixation stage with Bite Beauty, a collection of lip care products formulated with natural anti-aging agents like antioxidant-rich, free radical-fighting açai, cranberry, pomegranate, and blueberry extracts — and, most importantly, infused with Resveratrol, a natural phenol found in red wine proven to tighten skin and aid in cellular regeneration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and yielding smoother, more supple, younger-looking skin. Every time you apply one of Bite’s lipsticks, lip pencils, lip glosses, or creamy lip rouges, it will be Happy Hour for your pout.

Each Luminous Creme Lipstick ($24 at Sephora.com) in the Bite Beauty collection contains the antioxidant concentration equivalent of five glasses of red wine — which means your lips will be tipsy with pleasure, without putting you in a precarious position when confronting a Breathalizer test. Adding to the pleasurable effect, these lipsticks contain softening shea butter, moisturizing jojoba beads, fatty acid-rich argan oil, and free radical-fighting Vitamins E and C. These ultra-hydrating lipsticks feel indulgently creamy when smoothed onto lips, and you can actually notice any ridges, lines, and crevices being filled in by the formula’s nutrients, so you can kiss skin puckering goodbye.

There are twenty-four shades of lipstick — ranging from nudes like Salut, a sheer tawny almond shade, to vibrant plums like Mulberry, a sheer, purple-ish color reminiscent of the insides of a dragon fruit, and Bouquet, a punchy peachy pink. All of the shades boast a creamy, satin-y finish, plus they tend to be rather sheer and natural-looking. If you prefer dramatic, statement-making lipsticks like those fashioned by Illamasqua and Make Up For Ever, you might be a bit disappointed by these more understated and demure tints but, otherwise, you’ll appreciate their non-drying effect and how they actually lead to the long-term health of your pout. That being said, the color doesn’t adhere to lips extremely well, so do expect to reapply relatively often. It’s a small price to pay for kissable lips, right?

My absolute favorite product in the collection is the High Pigment Matte Lip Pencil ($24 at Sephora.com), a crayon-like lip pencil with a thick point that yields a bolt of electrifying color. Because it’s shaped like a pencil, you can apply the color with extraordinary precision, tracing the outline of your lips and filling them in as needed. And, unlike traditional lip pencils, the point is so soft that it literally feels like the color is melting onto your pout. Thanks to the micronized pigments in the formula, these lip pencils (available in six shades) are saturated with color, so you can actually achieve a bolder lip look using these than you would by applying the lipsticks in the formula.

Other products worth biting into include: the Vitamin Gel, which offers lips a gentle shine while nourishing them via a combination of micronized multivitamins and healthy organic fruit juices; Superfruit Butter, a lip moisturizer formulated with açai, blueberry cranberry, and pomegranate; the Lip Rouge, a two-in-one lip color and blush; the Lip Shine, a translucent, hydrating and illuminating gloss available in eight hues; and the SPF 15 Sheer Balms, a semi-sheer lip color packed with cooling organic mint extract, soothing blood orange oil, toning and hydrating Resveratrol, and SPF 15 for added protection from UV rays.

Below, you’ll find swatches of four Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick shades: Mulberry, which references the wine by that name and packs a purplish red punch; Granache, a cool, blue-toned cerise pink named after the Grenache wine; Bouquet, a peachy, honeysuckle-esque pink shade like what you’d in an azalea flower; and Salut, a sheer caramel color. As you can see, the colors have an all-over sheen that’s sophisticated but adult (i.e. sans the buckets of glittering micro particles).








Next, check out what two of the High Pigment Matte Pencil shades look like on the skin. Below, you’ll find swatches of Honey Berry, a warm nude shade, and Pomegranate, a deep, highly pigmented, juicy red. Both of these colors are saturated with pigment and they feel creamy and soothing on lips. I’m so in love with these, I want to snatch up all the other shades!




See what I mean? I can’t help but smile when I wear the Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil in Pomegranate (as shown below):



And, when I’m going for a darker, more dramatic eye look, I reach for the Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil in Honey Berry (as in the look shown below):




Trust: once bitten, you’ll keep coming for another delicious taste of Bite Beauty!


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