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Courtney Lee Collection Alix Cuff — As Seen On “The Bachelorette”



Embarrassingly enough, I've developed an addiction to the corniest, blandest, most schmaltzy reality dating shows: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  It all started about two years ago, when I happened to come across the first episode of The Bachelor's 14th season, in which Jake Pavelka played the role of leading man, on Hulu.com. I played the series premiere out of sheer curiosity, mainly because I knew Flavor of Love and Rock of Love (which I watched religiously and with unabashed pleasure) had both derived their formulas from The Bachelor and I was curious to discover exactly what the original set-up was (all I knew was that it entailed roses). By the end of that 2-hour episode, a few facts had become apparent. One, this show was (and is) beyond white — by season 14, casting experts and producers didn't even bother to fake the funk and sprinkle in some token people of color (okay, fine, they had Roberto in Ali's season of The Bachelorette, but he's a notable exception). Two, the producers longed to appeal to those Americans who trumpet "wholesome" values, hence the lack of contestants with tattoos, piercings, or any penchant for visible signs of a non-conformist take on life. Three, the bachelor (or bachelorette) would spend many melodramatic moments walking by the beach, staring at the sky during sunset— all while allegedly doing some intense soul-searching. Four, he or she would be obligated to use words like "connection" and phrases like " strong feelings" at least five times per episode. And, of course, they'd always find a soulmate within a two-week span during which they shared maybe three solo dates with this oh-so-special person. Right. 

Since I knew it was a completely scripted and calculated farce of a show (and nowhere near as entertaining as its cooky VH1 counterparts), I figured that would be the end of my Bachelor viewing. And yet I tuned in the following week, telling myself I was simply doing so for the comedic value of watching these girls wax poetic about their feelings for some guy they'd spent 4 hours with in total while surrounded by cameras. Secretly though, I started picking my favorite contestants and silently rooting for them. The dead was done. I had been sucked into the matrix.

Needless to say, I've been tuning into watch The Bachelorette over the last two weeks, giggling every time there's a gratuitous shot of Ashley's midriff (we get it! she's toned!) and scratching my head over that weirdo with the mask (you're not Zorro, homie!). And yes, I still think at least seven of the remaining guys are facsimiles of each another, virtually indistinguishable to the untrained eye thanks to their Ken-doll-meets-Abercrombie-poster-child looks: spiky blond hair, light eyes, and a slender, slightly sinewy physique. But I'm sticking with it, hoping one of these lames starts being at least semi interesting.

And, as I continue watching Ashley search for her "Prince Charming" (her words, not mine), I'm also keeping track of her wardrobe changes — especially the gowns she selects for each rose ceremony and the accessories she pairs with it. She had a particularly strong fashion moment this past week, when she paired a chic black gown with an Alix pyramid cuff from Courtney Lee Collection (pictured above).

This cuff manages to look elegant but infuse a bit of edge into any ensemble (I know Ashley had a spicy side!) thanks to the Swarovski crystal-covered, conical pyramid shapes covering its length. Measuring 1" in width, the Alix cuff is slightly malleable so that you can squeeze it ever son gingerly to tighten it on the wrist.

Hey, at least Ashely has found one worthy suitor — he's ever the charmer, he'll stay close to her but he's got a bad boy side, and he looks good with her. You guessed it, folks: his name is Alix.


Courtney Lee Collection Alix cuff, $330. Available at CourtneyLeeCollection.com


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