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Get 50% Off Nooka Watches Via JungleCents.com


Imagine fusing together Gilt.com and Groupon, but zooming in on an audience of urban tastemakers via deals on streetwear brands, discounts on city life essentials (like premium coffee, electronic gadgets, and accessories with plenty of 'tude). The result is the Mark Cuban-owned discount hunting site JungleCents.com, one of the best kept secrets in the online bargain-hunting maze and a fantastic resource for men in particular, since many of the deals are catered to them (and let's face it: dudes often get shortchanged in the sample sale realm).

Sensing a tremendous opportunity for synergy, the skater-loving, rap lyric-reciting, urban style connoisseurs at Complex magazine (where yours truly was once an editor) teamed up with the folks at Jungle Cents and cooked up a banger of a deal involving loopy, futuristic, hot-to-death watch brand Nooka. From now through next week, you can log onto Junglecents.com and get up to 50% off on one of Nooka's colorful digital watches.

Here's how it works: first, you log onto Junglecents.com (membership is free) and invest $65 on a special discount code which will be e-mailed to you once your purchase is cleared (it only takes minutes). This code is worth $130 on Nooka.com, which means you can basically snag a Zub 20 Zirc, Zub 20 ZOO or Zub 20 ZOT (all of which retail for $130 on average) for half its original price. When you check out on Nooka.com and enter your personal Jungle Cents code, your total will amount to $0 (or $20 if you opt for the newer colorways priced at $150), so that you'll only have to pay for shipping (and any small additional cost should you snag a pricier model).

The discount code is valid through May 30, 2012, so you don't necessarily have to use it immediately. Then again, if you're anything like me, you won't be able to resist snatching up a bright blue, sunshine yellow, or kelly green piece of wrist candy.

If you play your cards right, you'll always know what time it is with your flossy new Nooka watch.

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