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Get On Board The MAC Surf Baby Collection


Imagine you’re traveling to the town of Haleiwa in the North Shore section of Oahu, Hawaii, to cheer on professional surfers weaving through 7-fee-tall barrel waves in the hopes of winning the Reef Hawaiian Pro competition. After picking the greatest vantage point on the sandy beach shore, you sit atop your cheeky yellow beach towel in a golden bikini top and matching board shorts with a coral Chinese hibiscus floral print. Nearby, spectators in summery turquoise, bronze, teal, aquamarine, and rusty orange wetsuits, bandeau tops, and swim trunks mingle, some donning lei necklaces made of deep purple flowers, others clutching their newly waxed surfboards.

This is the type of scenario captured by the new MAC Surf Baby Collection, a limited edition collection featuring a bevy of lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, bronzing powders, cream bronzer sticks, nail lacquers, makeup bags, and much more. The Lipglass tops, lipstick tubes, powder lids, and bronzer stick tubes feature a white back drop with thick yellow bands of color running along their perimeter (horizontally in the case of the tubular products and vertically in the case of the round tops of pressed powder cases), with a thin coral red strip at the center of these sunny bands of color and silvery gray stripes on either end of the yellow bars. The MAC logo, meanwhile, is stamped atop a black oblong shaped decal, which is itself lined in a perky turquoise color and which features a coral Chinese Hibiscus blossom along its interior.

Needless to say, the product names reference surfing equipment, Hawaiian locations, beach babes, summer style staples, tropical flowers, ocean tides, sunkissed skin, and all things in the Endless Summer vein.

The packaging of the collection is absolutely adorable, capturing the youthful zeal and the sense of adventure we associate with the summer. But do the makeup products also hang ten? Find out after the jump, as we discuss all the products in the collection, offer you some useful swatches, and show you a few samples looks!

This is quite the mammoth collection, folks, so let’s break this down by category, shall we?


The Surf Baby collection incorporates four Lipsticks ($15.50 at MACcosmetics.com): Naturally Eccentric, a whitened nude with a lustrous finish; Hibiscus, a punchy coral orange with a creamy texture; Bust Out!, a semi-sheer, mid-toned violet; and Mocha, a peach-tinged, yellowish brown.

I tried out the Naturally Eccentric an Bust Out! lipsticks and fell for both — we’re talking dive-from-a-cliff-into-the-ocean type of deep. The Bust Out! was an easier sell, of course, since the color falls in the purple family, recalling a lilac poppy growing in a wild field, and the sheen is subtle but sophisticated, lending the color a glaze-like feel. The Naturally Eccentric, on the other hand, surprised me quite a bit — when I swatched it, the color seemed like a lukewarm nude, slightly paler than most flesh tones but hardly remarkable. On lips, however, the color does look a bit eerie but in a Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters kind of way. Rather than a flesh-toned beige, the color looks close to white on lips, with yellowish undertones lending it the necessary warmth for the season.

In the following photos, you’ll find swatches of the Bust Out! lipstick (at left) and the Naturally Eccentric lipstick (at right):


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–



Moving on to the Lipglass offerings ($15.50 at MACcosmetics.com), the collection again offers four distinct options: Girl On Board, a pale white gold with tonal sparkle bits; Good Lovin’, a soft peachy pink with a bit of a metallic sheen; Strange Potion, a soft coral pink; and Krazy Kahuna, a sepia-flavored reddish brown.

I tried the Girl On Board and Krazy Kahuna shades and I was stunned by the fact that neither was as sticky and tacky as most of MAC’s Lipglass offerings (progress folks!), which has always been my only gripe with these glosses since, color-wise, they tend to hit the mark. The Krazy Kahuna is a no-brained for any summer makeup lover since it’s a neutral shade that will go with any ensemble and will look particularly flattering on sun-kissed and tan skin. Though considerably softer, the Girl On Board shade is perhaps a bit more adventurous in that the color can mute the natural rosiness of your lips and instead swathe your pout in a misty, sea spray-like flush of white and gold color.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Krazy Kahuna (at left) snf Girl On Board (at right) shades:


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–


MAC’s Lip Conditioners never really did it for me since I hated having to dip my finger into those jars, which I imagined would become laden with dirt and germs. These squeezable lip balms, then, were a blessing for my slightly germophobic self. Even better, they contain SPF20 so your lips will not only stay hydrated, but they’ll be protected from the sun’s UV rays.

The MAC Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balms ($15.50 at MACcosmetics.com) are imbued with just a touch of sheer color and come in three shades: Full of Grace, a soft, flushed, rosy color; Lilt of Lily, a soft pale pink with cool undertones; and Pink Tinge, a glaze-y, warm pink with a hint of gold sparkle.

Below, you’ll find swatches of Full of Grace (at top) and Pink Tinge (at bottom). As you can see, the Pink Tinge shade packs a bit more shimmer and the tone is reminiscent of conch shells thanks to the warmer, peachier undertones.


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–


A surf-inspired collection should involve eye shadow colors in both aquatic and airy hues that capture the feel of crashing ocean waves, summer sunsets, golden stretches of sand, and more. But how to explore this theme without winding up with the same tired colors? Well, MAC triumphed in creating new derivations for the theme with the five eye shadow colors ($15.50 at MACcosmetics.com) in the Surf, Baby! collection: Short Shorts, a frosty, beige-tinged white; Sun Blonde, a dirty yellow gold with a frosted finish; Saffron, a deep coral caramel with a satin finish; Surf USA, a frosted teal; and Swell Baby, a heather gray with a satin finish.

I tried out three of the shades in the collection: Saffron, a rusty coral orange that reminds me of an Endless Summer-style sunset; Surf USA, a perky teal shade with lovely greenish undertones and shimmer particles that lend the color a sea spray-like quality; and Sun Blonde, a dirty yellow shade, like what you’d find on a surfboard that’s had some wear and tear.

Check out swatches of Saffron (below, at left), Surf USA (below, at center) and Sun Blonde (below, at right):


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–


The two Pigment options in the collection ($19.50 at MACcosmetics.com) focus on next-to-natural, nude-like shades: there’s Naked, a muted beige with golden copper pearl, and Melon, a bright golden peach.

—–  —–  —–  —–  —–



The two Powerpoint Eye Pencils ($15.50 at MACcosmetics.com) in the collection are among the unexpected highlights. For those who want an aquatic look, there’s the Blue Noon, a lovely teal with gold pearl particles for a resplendent effect. But the Queen of Hearts here is the Gilded White pencil, an eggshell-y white with a frosted finish which you can wear by itself or underneath some perky shadows to give them a lighter underbelly, like the effect you get when you look at a lamp shade after putting in a new bulb and clicking the on switch.

Here’s what the Gilded White Powerpoint Eye Pencil looks like on my skin:


 —–  —–  —–  —–  —–


    MAC-Surf-Baby-summer-stash-crushed-metallic-pigment MAC-Surf-Baby-surf-the-ocean-crushed-metallic-pigment


Remember the Crushed Metal Pigments from last year’s Spring Colour Forecast collection? Well, the stacked metallic pigments have returned, my dears! The Surf, Baby! collection includes two Crushed Metallic Pigment options ($32.50 at MACcosmetics.com), each of which features four harmonizing pigment colors arranged into a neat stack (you can detach each color as needed, then stack again for easy storage). There’s Summer Stash: a lilac- and violet-themed collection featuring a moody, light pink champagne shade; a white pearl shade with rosy mauve undertones; a light violet with silver pearl glimmer; and a brown bronze with gold pearl. But the golden star goes to the Surf The Ocean option, which includes a robust aquamarine-tinged graphite with silver pearl; a gold bronze; a minty, yellowish green; and a frosty platinum.


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–


Want to get your faux glow on? Well, following in the footsteps of brands like NARS and Tarte, MAC released three retractable bronzer sticks ($29.50 at MACcosmetics.com), which can be smoothed onto cheekbones, the apples of cheeks, the ridge of the nose, and the decolletage for a tantalizing tan look —at least in theory. The Skinsheen Bronzer Sticks are available in three shades: Tan-Tint, a medium hazelnut brown color with a creamy finish; Gilty Bronze, a deep bronze saturated with so much yellow gold shimmer that it looks like it’s been brushed with gold leaf; and Billionaire Bronze, a warm golden tan shade.

When I first saw these, I assumed they’d quickly earn a place in my summer makeup bag but, sadly, I was really disappointed with their performance. The bronzer sticks are highly pigmented to the point of excess and it takes some serious effort to blend the shades into the skin, so that the colors never look fully natural (not to mention that the vigorous blending motion is beyond tiring).

Here’s what the Gilty Bronze (below at left) and Tan-tint (below at right) Skinsheen Bronzer Sticks look like on the skin:


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–


Mac-Surf-Baby-Bronzing-Powder-Solar-Riche Mac-Surf-Baby-Bronzing-Powder-Refined-Golden


What would summer be without bronzer? Look like a beach bunny without spending all that time in the sun with these new Bronzing Powders ($24 at MACcosmetics.com). You can choose between Refined Golden, a golden shade with a hint of soft glimmer; and Solar Riche, a deep, bronzed brown with warm orange undertones.

—–  —–  —–  —–  —–



The gold hibiscus overspray decorating the top surface of the My Paradise Cheek Powder ($28 at MACcosmetics.com) is so stunning that it’s a bit painful to swipe a brush over the decoration, but the peachy, Orgasm-like color is too irresistible to sit in its compact untouched.


—–  —–  —–  —–  —–



Two of the dominant colors in the collection pop up in the Nail Lacquer offering ($15 at MACcosmetics.com): Hangin’ Loose, a pinkish nude shade with a creamy finish, and Ocean Dip, a creamy aqua hue.

—–  —–  —–  —–  —–


To complete the collection, MAC is offering to collectible makeup bags in the striped motif that ties the collection together. The smaller Surf, Baby 1 bag retails for $28 an features a zippered top and a square-like shape, while the Surf, Baby 2 bag is slightly larger and more elongated, retailing for $32. Both of these bags are available exclusively at MAC stores.

—–  —–  —–  —–  —–

—–  —–  —–  —–  —–



Here’s an example of a look I created using products from the Surf, Baby! collection.

On my eyes, I started by smoothing the Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Gilded White along the upper lashline in a thick strip. I then brushed the Surf USA shadow onto lids, over the liner and all the way up to the crease. Because the liner had been layered underneath the teal color, it gave lids a pearly, near iridescent quality that reminded me of sea foam. I then brushed the Sun Blonde eye hadow onto the crease, blending it ever so lightly with the Surf USA to yield a greenish gold shade that warmed up the cooler blue shade on my lids.

Since the look was rather dramatic, I chose to downplay lips with a paler color — in this case, the Naurally Eccentric lipstick.

Check out photos of the look:






Here’s a simpler look I created. This time around, all I did was apply the Safron shadow to my lids and line them with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Liner in 11 Diamond Burgundy. I then applied the Solar Riche Bronzing Powder to my cheeks and finished off the look with the Krazy Kahuna Lipglass. Se acabó!

Check out the finished look:




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