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Glominerals Corrective Camouflage Kit — The MacGyver of Concealers


Meet the Queen of Disguises, the Mistress of Deception, the trickiest dame of them all: the Glominerals Corrective Camouflage Kit. This sleek concealer quad allows you to cover up unsightly bruises, scars, dark under-eye circles, skin redness, blemishes, dark spots, burns, and much more by simply using some basic color wheel dynamics.

The kit includes four sheer, lightweight, deliciously creamy and blendable concealer hues: lavender, which is best for covering up yellowish, greenish, and grayish bruises (which, if you remember the color wheel, are hues that fall directly opposite from the purple family) and for hiding dark circles on women with darker skin tones; mint green to conceal redness due to acne, minor skin irritations, mild rosacea, as well as fresh scars (again, green is directly opposite from red in the color wheel); yellow to cover up black-and-blues, as well as dark spots and under-eye circles on women with fair to medium skin complexions (yellow falls opposite from violet and blue on the color wheel); and neutral to cover up minor skin imperfections and rings under the eyes. Ideally, once you identify the problem area, you should apply the appropriate color using either your fingers, a sponge (the Beautyblender is a great choice) or a stippling brush, patting the color over the area in a stippling motion. Once you’ve layered an appropriate amount of color, you’ll want to diffuse the concealer at the edges and follow with a thin layer of the neutral concealer to create a natural, seamless look. You’ll then be ready to apply your mineral powder, pressed power, or creme-to-powder foundation.

Not only are these all-mineral concealers ideal for tackling a number of skin gripes, hence helping you create a smooth and even canvas, but they tend to your skin with soothing and hydrating ingredients like soybean oil and camellia extract. And, because the texture is so very light, you won’t have to worry about the concealer caking up as the day unravels.

Here’s what the four concealer shades look like on skin, prior to being blended in. Hopefully, the photos will show that, while highly pigmented, these are airy cream products that glide onto skin without appearing thick or clumpy. Check it out:


Next, I’ll share some before-and-after shots of a little experiment I conducted. Being the Clumsy Cathy that I am, I managed to get the mothership of bruises on my arm over the weekend (sadly, I have no idea what I bumped into to cause this mammoth bruise, which I suppose speaks to the frequency with which I trip, fall, or run into random door frames, tables, and other hard surfaces). Anyhow, here’s what the bruise looks like:


To test the efficiency of the concealers in the Glominerals Corrective Camouflage Kit, I decided to follow their handy instructions and attempt to disguise this unseemly bruise. I started out by applying the lavender shade, pressing it onto the area gently in a blotting-like action, I then diffused the concealer around the edges of the bruise. Last, I applied the neutral shade over th lavender so that it would make the area blend in with the rest of my skin. To my delight, the bruise was barely perceptible after I applied the concealer hues. Check out the difference!

Pretty amazing, right?

The concealer quad even comes with an insert that breaks down when to use each hue — just in case you need a refresher course — making it one of the most multi-purpose, user-friendly cover-up options on the market.


Glominerals Corrective Camouflage Kit, $18. Available at Gloprofessional.com

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