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New Mighty Fine X-Men T-Shirts Have The X Factor






Who runs the world? Girls! Just ask Beyoncé or, for that matter, fans of the Marvel X-Men franchise — most of whom will likely concede that Phoenix’s telepathic, telekinetic, and cosmic powers make her the most powerful mutant, trumping even Professor X’s capabilities. But the X-Men universe is filled with strong women who can manipulate their surroundings and defeat villains, all the while looking hotter than a sauna — there’s Rogue, the auburn-haired beauty with the skunk-like white streaks framing her face, who can temporarily drain the powers of anyone she touches; Storm, the silver-haired, black leather-loving sista who can control weather patterns; Mystique, the blue-skinned shape shifter; and Jubilee, the mall-scouring teen with the spiky crop cut and square shades who can shoot firework-like globules from her palms.

With X-Men First Class, the prequel to the existing X-Men film trio, topping the box office charts, it’s the perfect time to declare your love for the mutant mamis with one of the above-pictured graphic tees from Mighty Fine. Not only are these tees timely given the recent release of the summer blockbuster but, since they come in vibrant shades like lime green, hot pepper red, deep magenta, electric sky blue, and curry orange, they also speak to the mosaic of neon fashions we’re seeing for Summer 2011.

Aside from its thematic genius, the ’80s-flavored T-shirt collection will appeal to seasoned art lovers since it channels the aesthetic of famed illustrator and poster artist Patrick Nagel with remarkable accuracy, so that they feel like they were plucked from some unearthed archive of Nagel sketches. The most amazing piece in the collection: the Fashion Rogue tee, which recreates the cover art Nagel designed for Duran Duran’s Rio album (which ultimately appeared in the 2001 remastered edition) by placing Rogue in the exact same position as the woman in the original album sleeve (sitting at a sideways angle but facing the onlooker dead-on, with her legs extended upwards so that her knees practically touch her face).

All of the tees in the new Mighty Fine x Marvel X-Men collection are available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. The women’s tees retails for $25 each at WeLoveFine.com so go find your favorite heroine and scoop one up!


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