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Touch By Zoya Nail Lacquer Collection — Naked Ambition


A quick glimpse at the nape of a woman’s neck as she twists her hair into a low ponytail. A smooth, rounded, luminous shoulder accentuated by a form-fitting, asymmetrical, one-sleeved dress. The small of a woman’s back peeking out from her T-shirt as she contorts her body into a yoga pose. These are the kind of images that epitomize demure, understated, irresistible sensuality. It’s not necessarily a fully naked silhouette under bright lights but, rather, those glimpses of flesh that create a sense of anticipation, that lure the onlooker and then rebuff him, that simultaneously tease and please.

The new three-color Zoya Touch Collection ($8 each or $24 for full set at Zoya.com) performs the most titillating of stripteases, exploring the nuances of the color nude in a way that’s sophisticated and novel — but, most of all, sublimely seductive.

Nude nail polish has been de rigueur for a few seasons now but, oftentimes, the colors felt a bit too flat, a bit too plastic-y, like they belonged on a doll and not a living, breathing organism. This trilogy of creamy opaque nudes, however, is warm and inviting, with unexpected undertones and metallic finishes.

First, there’s Pandora (my favorite of the three shades), a nude shade with light rosy mauve undertones that make the tone feel cooler than its more yellowish counterparts. Next, there’s Shay, a peachy nude with golden tones reminiscent of a conch shell’s exterior. And last, there’s Minka, a sandy beige with yellowish undertones.

While I’m typically drawn to brighter shades with a more audacious vibe, the Zoya Touch collection’s genius is precisely its understated nature, how it relies on nuance to explore the complexities and mysteries of the nude color family.

Below, you’ll find photos showing what each of the three shades look like on nails. Let’s see if you agree that they have the magic touch!











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