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Undefeated x PUMA Clyde Sneaker Collection — You Can Be The Bonnie To This Clyde, Gals!






Yesterday, June 10th, marked the release of the second installment in the four-part, limited-edition collection between PUMA and kicks collector haven Undefeated: the UNDFTD + PUMA Canvas Clyde, a modernized version of the original sneaker style named after ’70s basketball star Walt Clyde Frazier. Inspired by the sunny skies, warm temperatures, and laid-back attitudes of the West Coast, this low-top, lace-up sneaker replaces the leather and suede upper materials with breathable canvas.

The UNDFTD + Puma Canvas Clyde is available in four colorways: royal blue with a tonal stripe on one end and a white leather stripe on the other side; khaki with a tonal canvas stripe on one side and a brown leather stripe on the other side; black with a tonal stripe on one side and a mustard yellow stripe stitched onto the other side; and white with a tonal stripe on one side and a red leather stripe on the other side. Each of the kicks includes a label on the he tongue bearing Undefeated’s five-stripe logo. Underneath the left eyelet row, you’ll find the PUMA  logo stamped in a bold white font, with the word “Clyde” in white cursive lettering directly beneath it. The “Puma Clyde” detail is positioned directly above the leather accent stripe for an added visual pop.

And that’s not all — while supplies last, customers who purchase the UNDFTD + PUMA Cali Canvas Clyde will also receive a black canvas tote designed by graphic artist Brent Rollins (who is responsible for album covers from such hip-hop acts acts as Gang Starr, Freeway, and Black Star, and who co-penned Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists). Each black canvas tote features a remixed version of the iconic photograph of Walt Clyde Frazier holding a basketball while donning a black cape and his trademark black hat (which earned him the nickname “Clyde” since it resembled the topper Warren Beatty wore in the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie).

The limited-edition kicks are currently available for $65 at the following stores: Undefeated (LA and Las Vegas), Dr. Jays (New York, NY), Nice Kicks (Austin, TX), Attic (San Diego, CA), Proper (Long Beach, CA), Premier Boutique (Palo Alto, CA), Premier Skate (Grand Rapids, MI), Villa (Philadelphia, PA), Moda 3 (Milwaukee, WI), Shoe Gallery (Miami, FL), St. Alfreds (Chicago,IL), and Compound (Portland, OR).

Want to score them online? Visit Undefeated.com.


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