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Explore Endless Possibilities With Ellis Faas’ Ellis Eyes Liquid Shadows




Over the past year, I’ve become intimately acquainted with many of the Ellis Faas Ellis Lips shades. My first taste of the Ellis Faas line involved the three variations of the Ellis Red shade — available in a creamy finish (L101), a moisturizing milky texture (L201), or in a semi-sheer, ultra-shiny glaze (L301). I was immediately smitten with the Miky Lips L201 shade. Since then, I’ve discovered many other lip color wonders — in fact, both the Ellis Faas L204 and L304 both made it into our “Orange You Glad To See These Lips?: Top 10 Blaze-Colored Lipsticks and Glosses” story.

In terms of Ellis Faas’ eye makeup offerings, I forayed into this realm by trying out the Ellis Faas 401 Mascara, which wound up being crowned one of the top five all-around mascaras in last July’s “Battle of the Mascaras.” But little did I know what awaited me once I explored the vast array of Ellis Faas liquid eye shadow colors. All the Ellis Eyes products are packaged in the brand’s signature silver pen and feature: a rotating dial at the base which can be clicked to dispense color to the tip; an elongated, bullet-like cap to complete the pen’s sleek, Fantasia-worthy, vampiric feel; and either a brush or sponge tip applicator.

All of the Ellis Faas eye shadow offerings have a liquid consistency, but they’re available in varying finishes and textures. The Creamy Eyes E103 through E109 colors all boast a velvety texture and are idea for shaping, contouring, and highlighting eyes. The Milky Eyes E203 through E209 shades, meanwhile, feature sponge tip applicators that allow you to spread the color over larger surface areas (all over the lids and crease) and are available in deeper, more nuanced colors. Last, there’s the sparkling, iridescent, Light E301 through E305 shades, which are meant to complement the non-shimmering, semi-matte Creamy Eyes and Milky Eyes offerings.

All the eye shadows can be applied using the pens’ built-in brush or tip applicators but, in order to create more precise looks, define arches, blend shades, and contour eyes, you’ll want to use either an eyeshadow brush with a tapered or point tip or your own fingers (Faas recommends the latter). Unlike many cream shadows, these dry rather quickly for a mess-free experience. Plus, they never smudge, bleed, crease or clump — even in extremely hot and humid climates — and yet they maintain their lushness, never looking stale or dull.

The Milky Eyes and Creamy Eyes shadows are mysterious, sophisticated, and unexpectedly nuanced and unique — unlike any shades you’ll find from competing brands. And, since none of them have any shimmering particles, when you layer the Light colors above them, you wind up creating a fascinating interplay of shadow and light, as well as an operatic, dramatic but demure juxtaposition of textures.

I tried out the Ellis Faas Milky Eyes E203 shade ($36 at EllisFaas.com), and the Ellis Faas Light E302 and E305 colors ($42 each at EllisFaas.com), and I was blown away — not just by the colors themselves, but by how they interacted together. Below, you’ll find swatches of these shades, as well as a sample look. Open your eyes to the Ellis Faas possibilities!


Below, you’ll find swatches of two Ellis Faas Light shades — the E305 and E301 — as well as one Ellis Faas Milky Eyes Color: the E203. The E203 shade is a hybrid between carbon black and midnight blue that has a slightly goth feel and a velvety texture that heightens the color’s boudoir-ready feel. In terms of the Ellis Light shades, the E301 is a sparkling acid green hue with golden pearl particles, and the E305  is a deep wine shade with a holographic, almost three-dimensional finish thanks to multi-shift pearl particles that appear silver, green, teal, and aqua in the light. The E305 color reminds me of the Bordeaux-ish shade in the LORAC Multiplex 3D Eyeshadow Palette but, the texture of the Ellis Faas option is way more unique since the color retains its wet-looking finish even after it’s fully dry.





Next, you’ll find a sample look I created. I started out by applying the E203 color to my lids and blending it into the crease using a very fine brush. I created a bit of a cat eye at the outer corners for a cheekier, more sex kitten-y look. Once the color had dried, I reached for the E305 and brushed the color over the E203 foundation, trying to cover the base color fully. To clean up the color at the brow bone, I grabbed a Q-Tip, dabbed its tip in a tad of makeup remover and swept it along the area in the desired curved shape. Last, I applied two coats of the Ellis Faas 401 Mascara.

A few words of advice when applying these colors: don’t go crazy with the rotating dial and click it until there’s an enormous drop of color at the applicator tip because these shades are so highly pigmented that a little will go a very long way. If you have too much color at the tip, you’ll be setting yourself up for a messy process, so go easy! Also, don’t be afraid to look beyond the pens’ applicators and use either eye shadow brushes or fingertips.





Here’s a closer look at how the shades look like on lids. I love the iridescent finish of the E305 — it almost reminds me of peacock feathers!





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