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New Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Colors For Summer 2011




Despite its quirky name, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics doesn’t strictly cater to potential The OCD Project cast members. That being said, anyone who has tested OCC’s Lip Tars will likely provide a testimonial peppered with words like “obsessed,” “addicted,” “hooked,” “junkie,” and “fanatic.” See, once you’ve had a taste of this lipstick and lip gloss hybrid, you’ll keep coming back for another fix.

Developed by OCC founder David Klasfeld and makeup artist Katie Pellegrino, the Lip Tar was introduced in Fall 2008 and quickly rose to cult favorite status. Each 100% vegan lip color glides onto your pout with the ease of a gloss, but delivers the intense pigmentation typically linked to lipsticks. The texture, meanwhile, is light without being runny, adhering to lips without subjecting them to the sticky residue affiliated with glosses. The Lip Tars soothe, moisturize, and condition your pout thanks to a blend of hemp oil, peppermint oil and vitamin E, ensuring long-lasting wear. The best part: the uniquely opaque, semi-matte, slightly liquid-like finish, which is neither as bright and glittery as that of lip gloss or as creamy and satiny as that of lipstick.

I myself am constantly jonesin’ for new shades of Lip Tar, so I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into some of the latest summertime shades — specifically Beta, a deep neon orange; Reverb, a sanguine, slightly tomato-tinged red; Interlace, a peachy nude color; and Tone, a near-white, pale, grayish pink with cool mauve undertones.

After the jump, you’ll find swatches of all four shades, as well as some photos that show what they look like when applied to lips (you might be surprised!).

These photos show what the four Lip Tar shades look like when applied to skin. Note how vivid the Beta shade is — it’s like carrot juice on steroids!




Next, check out these photos of me wearing the Lip Tar in Beta on my lips. I actually blotted the color a bit, so it will seem less vibrant than it did when I first applied it. Still, the color is a blast! I was, however, disappointed by a couple of things — typically, when I apply a Lip Tar color to my pout, it stays in place for hours and hours, but this color kept fading on me (which meant constant touch-ups). Also, the consistency was runnier than usual, which meant the color would migrate to the corners of my mouth and feather on the lips. Typically, this can happen when you apply too much Lip Tar but, since I was using a modest amount and smoothing it on with a lip brush, hoping to attain a more precise contour of my mouth, the eventual uneven distribution of color was particularly surprising. After blotting lips, the color managed to stay in place, but it didn’t have that vinyl-like, slightly wet finish I love so much.




Next, you’ll find photos of me rocking the Reverb Lip Tar — a robust, lobster-y red with orange undertones that looks spicier than a handful of red hot chili peppers.





On to the next shade: Tone! This one looks absolutely terrible on me (as you’ll see for yourself in the photos below) — and I’m by no means fishing for a compliment here. On the skin, the shade looks like a very light pink with cool, lilac undertones. The problem? If you have a fair complexion, those grayish undertones and the overall whiteness of the pink will make you look like Dave Chappelle’s Tyrone Biggums character. It washed me out so badly that I wound up looking deader than Bill Compton. If I wanted to look like Wednesday Addams, I’d be all set but, otherwise, this shade is going right into the “fail” pile.




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