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Pureology Perfect4Platinum Collection Speaks To Every Blonde’s Ambition






Unless you were born with Rapunzel-like flaxen tresses, you know that seriously blond hair requires serious care. I should know — after going blond a few years ago (from my naturally dark brown color), my hair stylist toyed with lighter shades and even added highlights to take my mane from a Kate Hudson-y golden shade to a Taylor Momsen-ish platinum color. The platinum hair becomes me — it’s way more rock-‘n’-roll, way more effervescent, making me feel like I’m harnessing my inner Gwen Stefani (well, except my inner Stefani speaks Spanish and has quite the arsenal of sass). The problem: dyeing or highlighting your hair can make it drier, more brittle, and more porous, leaving it vulnerable to breakage, dreaded straw-like textures, dullness, and overall unruliness. I think I speak for all bottle blonds when I say that we only want to hear the word “breaking” in the context of someone practically breaking his neck to catch a glimpse of our bombshell-like manes — and not in the framework of our strands snapping in half due to damage.

Fortunately, the new Pureology Perfect4Platinum System caters to women like myself: gals who are emotionally attached to their blond manes, but long for healthier, softer, more luminous hair. Designed for hair that has been high-lifted or highlighted four levels or more, the Pureology Perfect4Platinum System includes four products: the Pureology Perfect4Platinum Shampoo, Pureology Perfect4Platinum Condition, Pureology Perfect4Platinum ReconstructRepair, and Pureology Perfect4Platinum Miracle Filler. All four products are sulfate-free, plus they contain Pureology’s trademark AntiFade Complex, a blend of antioxidants like vitamins C and E, which protect hair from free radicals; Heliogenol, an herbal extract that neutralizes oxidative free radicals; and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to keep color from washing out under the sun’s rays. But, most importantly, they all contain keravis, a plant protein that replenishes and plumps keratin gaps, delivering less porous, smoother, healthier-looking hair. This powerful protein is married with softening chamomile extract; clarifying, shine-boosting, and brightening lemon peel and lemon flower extract; and moisturizing coriander oil.

When you first try the Perfect4Platinum Shampoo, you’ll notice it has a vibrant blue color, similar to that of liquid fabric softener. But don’t stress — blue strands are not in your future. The shampoo feels gentle on strands thanks to the sulfate- and salt-free formula, which locks in color with a combination of coconut, corn, sugar, and sunflower extract. The Perfect4Platinum Hair Condition, meanwhile, manages to detangle and hydrate hair, plus it’s gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Whenever you need a powerful dose of moisture, check out the Perfect4Platinum ReconstructRepair mask, a more concentrated treatment which you smooth onto hair, combing through from root to ends, then rinse out after 5 minutes (and yes, you’ll notice a difference in how plump and bouncy strands feel after just a few minutes). But perhaps the most buzz-worthy product is the Perfect4Platinum Miracle Filler, a spritz-on treatment that contains 15 times more keravis than average pre-styling treatments, making it all the more effective at filling those keratin gaps and restoring hair to a more manageable, malleable state.

After relying on this system for a few weeks, I’ve noticed my hair looks healthier, its luster has been amplified, and it feels softer to the touch. That being said, if you have curly or frizzy hair, you’ll still need a smoothing lotion to control fly-aways and pesky strands when it’s time to blow-dry and style that blond mane of yours.

Pureology Perfect4Platinum Shampoo $27; Pureology Perfect4Platinum Condition, $27; Pureology Perfect4 Platinum ReconstructRepair, $32; and Pureology Perfect4Platinum Miracle Filler, $24. Visit Pureology.com to find a salon near you. 

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