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Two Travel Essentials: MAC Sized To Go Collection & TOCCA Delicate Washes Travel Pack



Are you intimidated by the ever-restrictive TSA policies regarding the acceptable size and packaging of liquid, gels, and aerosol goods? Do you moan and groan about having to buy spray-top, pump-top, and squeezable plastic bottles (each holding up to 3.4 oz. amounts, as specified by TSA regulations) in which to pour your favorite face wash, eye makeup remover, hair styling serum, facial mist, and other hygiene must-haves just to make it through airport security? Well, ladies, time to exhale. MAC Cosmetics is taking some of the guess work out of the packing experience with its new Sized To Go collection, featuring an assortment of travel-sized skin care essentials and makeup tools.

Thanks to the Sized To Go collection, you won’t have to go a second without your favorite MAC skin care products. When it comes to removing makeup, you can pick between travel-sized versions of the Cleanse Off Oil ($10 at MACcosmetics.com), a gentle, mineral oil-free formula enriched with jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and olive oil; the skin-calming Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil ($10 at MACcosmetics.com), which also features chamomile oil, sea grass, grape seed, peach leaf, and lavender; the Demi-Wipes ($15 at MACcosmetics.com), a 30-pack pouch of damp towelettes that remove foundation, powder and blush; or the Pro Eye Makeup Remover ($10 at MACcosmetics.com) for completely removing stubborn eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. And, of course, you can also keep your skin clear and radiant with the mini-sized Green Gel Cleanser ($10 at MACcosmetics.com), a great option for removing dirt and oil from your face and soothing skin with cucumber, green tea, and algae extract; the Oil Control Lotion ($15 at MACcosmetics.com), which restores skin to its ideal pH balance, controlling oil production, and mattifying the complexion; the Studio Moisture Cream ($15 at MACcosmetics.com), which boasts hydrating, softening, and anti-aging benefits thanks to the coconut, wheat germ, spinach leaf, passion fruit, algae extract, and green tea in the rich formula; and the magnificent Strobe Cream ($15 at MACcosmetics.com), a vitamin-enriched, green tea-packed, radiance-boosting cream that soothes and hydrates skin while also covering it with iridescent particles that yield an alluring, celestial glow. And, last, to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, you can always spritz the Fix+ ($10 at MACcosmetics.com) on your visage before walking out the door.

If there are must-haves in the Sized To Go collection, I’d say it’s the Strobe Cream, which is a staple at backstage areas during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week since it literally transforms tired sallow skin into a glowing complexion; the Demi-Wipes, which are gentle but remove makeup rather quickly an effectively; and the Fix+, my favorite makeup setting spray along with the Skindanavia No More Shine.

Laundry may be the last thing on your mind when you book the plane tickets for a beach getaway or while you efficiently pack your carry-on luggage for a meeting-packed business trip — but, if you plan a long enough stay, chances are that, at some point, you’ll run through every last bra and pantie set, not to mention your pantyhose and silk or lacy chemises. And, when that happens, do you want to attempt to hand wash these items with hotel soap? Would you run to buy a detergent you didn’t fully trust, one that might be billed as gentle yet wind up being surprisingly harsh? With the TOCCA Laundry Delicate Washes within your reach, you’ll never be in that situation. In fact, even if you stain your favorite silk dress while on a trip, you’ll have a quick way to restore that garment to its previous glory days.

Packaged in a leak-proof, reusable, white pouch with crisscrossing stripes of light golden yellow color and trimmed with a carnation pink hue, the TOCCA Laundry Delicate Washes Pack ($22 at TOCCA.com and at Sephora stores) features four miniature detergent bottles, each in one of the brand’s signature fragrances: Touch, a fruity-floral accord with pomegranate, gardenia, and Egyptian balsam notes; Cleopatra, an invigorating, crisp grapefruit and cucumber fragrance; Stella, a zesty Italian blood orange scent; and Florence, a delicate and romantic blend of iris root an rose. These washes are gentle enough to use on lace, cashmere, silk, and satin, and they leave behind just the softest, most elusive fragrance. Since these four washes were wisely packaged in 2 oz. bottles, the TOCCA Laundry Delicate Washes Pack are TSA friendly, making them ideal for stylish jet-setters.


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