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The color orange gets a bad rep. In the Department of Homeland Security’s formerly color-coded terror alert ranking system, level orange signified an elevated risk of attack (second only to red, which meant high vulnerability). And that’s not all — it’s the hue chosen for prison jumpsuits, traffic cones and detour signs, reflective rail worker vests, construction worker hard hats, life savers and floating devices. More often than not, then, orange is linked to distress signals, potential hazards and danger ahead.

Fortunately, the color wheel’s resident ugly duckling (once favored only by overzealous self-tanning addicts like Lindsay Lohan and Snooki) is now being recognized as a conduit for swan-like magic thanks to the blood orange, pumpkin, apricot, coral, and paprika dresses and blouses that sauntered down runways for Spring/Summer 2011 — not to mention models’ striking tangerine and vermilion pouts.

Of course, apparel company Superdry USA never relegated the orange shade to the peanut gallery, incorporating neon versions of the hue into everything from graphic tees to flip-flops, tank dresses, and varsity-style hoodies.

Fans of the brand, which incorporates Japanese lettering and graphical styles and fuses these with laid-back, vintage Americana designs, will love the opportunity to win this Superdry KitBag which comes in the season’s surprise hit hue: orange. Each hefty Superdry KitBag, valued at $150, features a zippered top flap, two adjustable black nylon handle straps, and a longer cross-body strap with a padded shoulder strip. This travel-ready duffel features the “Superdry” logo emblazoned across its side in a bold, rounded, oversize white font, along with Japanese lettering directly above it.

For a chance to win a heavy-duty KitBag, enter Superdry USA’s current Facebook giveaway, which concludes this week. To enter, visit Facebook.com/SuperdryUSA, “like” the page, and fill out the contest form therein. Four lucky winners will be announced on Friday, August 5th, so enter and find out if you’ll have an extra reason to say TGIF come Friday!

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