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It’s a small world after all, folks!

They may fit in the palm of your hand but Momiji‘s hand-painted dolls have plenty of heart. Each adorable figurine holds a hidden treasure at its core so that, when you flip the doll upside down, you’ll find a tiny folded card with a secret message of friendship and love.

If you’re kooky for all things kawaii, you’ll adore the new limited edition Momiji x Hello Kitty collection, a band of six dolls in the Japanese-inspired Momiji aesthetic, each sprinkled with a dash of Hello Kitty flavor and given a unique story and personality. The punk-y Astrid doll (pictured above at top), for example, features Lady Gaga-esque white hair, a colorful frock worthy of Rainbow Brite, red star designs on her cheeks and an electric guitar shaped like Hello Kitty on which she can jam all night long. The adorable Stella (pictured second from top), meanwhile, is described as loving Edgar Allan Poe and fondue, and she complements her pleated pink skirt an purple batwing blouse with a cross-body Hello Kitty purse (in which, perhaps, she carries her copy of The Raven). A fan of roof parties and detective novels, Chihiro (shown fourth from top) is shown wearing a sweatshirt dress with Hello Kitty’s visage emblazoned across the front and, for a saucy twist, kitty ear details sewn into the hood of the dress. Birthday girl Kipi (shown above, last) longs to play with the new pet inside her purple polka dot box, which resembles a Jack-in-the-box due to Hello Kitty’s desire to climb out and meet her new owner. And the winking, lip-licking, bob-sporting Aya (shown second from top) can’t let go of her favorite Hello Kitty doll, which she clutches with both of her hands.

From their long lashes to their colorful frocks, picaresque facial expressions, and stylish ‘dos, these 3-inch-tall rascals have the adorability arena on lock.

Each Hello Kitty x Momiji doll is available for $15.95 at www.sanrio.com and www.lovemomiji.com

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