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New Vapour Organic Beauty Launches Will Have Others Catching Vapors

As consumers’ environmental awareness increases, so does their desire to make wiser purchasing choices that will not only better their health (mental and physical) but will also treat our eco-systems with the uttermost respect. Taking into account all of these phenomena, celebrity makeup artist Eric Sakas joined forces with an artisanal cosmetic laboratory in New Mexico devoted to manufacturing top-notch, eco-friendly cosmetics packaged using recyclable and renewable materials. The final result was Vapour Organic Beauty, a revolutionary luxury makeup brand formulated using 100% natural ingredients (with at least 70% of these certified organic and the remainder consisting of natural vitamins and minerals).

Not only are Vapour Organic Beauty’s Cosmetics good for the environment — they’re also marvelous for the skin. Each lip color, cheek stain, cream bronzer or foundation, and illuminator is packed with rejuvenating, moisturizing, soothing, and protective botanical ingredients, marrying the skincare and color cosmetics realms. They also boast extraordinarily light finishes without sacrificing pigmentation, so that you can get the desired intensity of a lipstick or cream shadow but still feel fresh-faced. The textures are even more indulgent — ranging from feathery light to almost powdery soft.

I haven’t stopped raving about this brand in two years and their latest releases have me bestowing laurels at Sakas’ feet (well, figuratively speaking!). Curious to check out some of their latest must-have products? Check them out below!


Siren Lipstick in Chere, Dare, and Saucy





In June, Vapour Beauty introduced 11 new shades to its popular range of Siren Lipsticks ($22 at VapourBeauty.com) — among them Chere, a creamy, semi-sheer nude with a hint of mauve; Dare, a sheer, icy-looking chocolate-y plum; and Saucy, a warm, nectarine-tinged coral.

All Siren Lipsticks feature 100% natural ingredients, 70% of which are certified organic. Among these botanicals, you’ll find: jojoba oil, an ultra potent, long-lasting moisturizer known for how easily it’s absorbed by the skin; pomegranate oil, which protects skin from free radical damage and ensures the steady production of collagen and elastin to maintain skin’s firmness and elasticity; camelina oil, which naturally volumizes lips, and an infusion of rose petals to soothe the pout.

Here, you’ll find swatches of the feathery-light, natural-looking Chere, Dare, and Saucy lipstick shades:


———-     ———-     ———-

Elixir Plumping Gloss in Tease, Discreet, and Trust  





Do you find lip plumpers often irritate your pout, producing an unpleasant tingling sensation that makes you feel like you’re having some sort of oral panic attack or even a light stroke? Then stop playing with lip products loaded with controversial chemicals and, instead, look to nature to find safe alternatives that can yield the desired result: full, kissable, “come hither” lips. In the case of Vapour Organic Beauty’s Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss ($22 at VapourBeauty.com), the plumping effect is the result of certified organic liposomes filled with organic, fatty acid-rich lecithin, as well as antioxidant-packed açai and goji berry extracts, penetrating the lipid layer and locking in moisture, thereby pumping up your pout’s volume.

The plumping effect is noticeable without looking like you left a plastic surgeon’s chair, so no need to worry about having distorted-looking lips like those of Rock of Love contestant Angelique.

Volumizing effect aside, the Eixir Lip Plumping Gloss formula also features hydrating myrrh, soothing green tea, antiseptic an antibacterial lemon balm, and anti-microbial island moss. And, thanks to the use of natural castor and a beeswax co-polymer as oppose to the traditional petroleum jelly, the gloss doesn’t feel overly heavy, sticky, or viscous.

Among the six new shades introduced in June, you’ll find Tease, a coral-meets-paprika orange with a hint of sparkle; Discreet, a beige nude shade with warm fawn undertones; an Trust, a light, perky honeysuckle pink.

Below, you can see what all three shades look like on skin. I’m a bit obsessed with Tease these days so, if you like vibrant colors, check that one out!


———-     ———-     ———-

Aura Multi-Use Blush Stain in Crave


When I was first introduced to Vapour Organic Beauty back in 2009, one of the products that immediately won my affection was the Aura Multi-Use Blush, a creamy cheek color packaged into a retractable stick so that you could roll it onto cheeks and blend with fingertips for a flushed effect. At that point in time, only three shades were available — Crush, Spark, and Torch — all extremely light an boasting a satin-y, near matte finish. Since then, the Aura range has expanded dramatically, with the introduction of six “Radiant” shades imbued with sparkle (among them the fuchsia Charisma shade pictured below), as well as the debut of the Aura Multi Use Stains, which are more heavily pigmented but still contain the skin-loving natural ingredients found in their predecessors (moisturizing lotus flower, anti-inflammatory frankincense, and antioxidant-packed tulsi among them).

Since orange has been such a popular color during the past few seasons, I’ve found myself gravitating to the  Aura Multi-Use Blush Stain in Crave ($28 at VapourBeauty.com), pictured below, a slightly dirty-looking, squash-like orange with a hint of coral that’s dynamic and lustrous. In the summer, you can build up the coverage for a bolder, more striking look, while in the autumn months, you can apply a light layer and blend in thoroughly for just a hint of foliage-inspired color.


———-     ———-     ———-

Solar Translucent Bronzer in Simmer


Though cream-based bronzers are hardly new (everyone from MAC to Hourglass Cosmetics has experimented with formulations packaged in flip-top compacts, lotion-like squeeze tubes and pump dispenser bottles, or in retractable sticks), Vapour Beauty’s Solar Translucent Bronzer ($34 at VapourBeauty.com) focuses on more than just texture and consistency. Sure, it glides onto skin effortlessly and feels powdery soft when blended in, but the real bonus is the chemical-free, plant-based formulation, which is rife with conditioning agents like shea butter an antioxidant-rich extracts of pomegranate, açai, and green tea, thereby moisturizing, soothing, and firming the complexion, all the while delivering a subtle glow thanks to mineral-based pigments.

The Vapour Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer in Simmer ($34 at VapourBeauty.com) is a toffee-tinged bronze color that works on all skin tones, but is particularly flattering on skin that’s sun-kissed or tanned, giving your existing glow a bit of a kick.

Check out a swatch of the Simmer shade (before blending, of course) below:


———-     ———-     ———-

Instant Skin Perfector in 904 (Pink)


These days, I find myself spending more and more time focusing on perfecting my complexion before moving on to the desired eye makeup and lip colors. After all, without a smooth canvas, any subsequent color cosmetics applied will look as attractive as a layer of paint on a cracked sidewalk. The Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin Perfector ($44 at VapourBeauty.com), then, has become an essential part of my beauty regimen since it simultaneously works as a moisturizer, skin brightener, primer, and skin veil.

The all-natural Stratus Instant Skin Perfector is available in three shades (pale violet to disguise the appearance of redness, sheer gold to add warmth to medium-to-dark complexions, and sheer pink to brighten tired-looking skin). Each blendable color features moisturizing lotus flower, anti-inflammatory frankincense, antioxidant-rich tulsi (an herb native to India), as well as a blend of: organic pumpkin and papaya, which are rich in AHAs and enzymes like papain that helps skin slough off dead skin cells and continue its natural renewal process, revealing younger, brighter skin; organic evening primrose, which can soothe conditions ranging from dermatitis to eczema, rosacea, and acne; and lysine, an amino acid that triggers collagen synthesis, thereby yielding younger-looking skin in the long term.

The mineral pigments work well with a variety of skin tones, almost adjusting to the dominant hues of the user’s complexion and depositing a breathable, ultra-light veil of color, as well as a hint of luminous, almost celestial sparkle to instantly brighten your visage.

I love how the Stratus Skin Perfector in 904 (Pale Pink) looks on my skin, as if I were basking in candlelight. Check out how the shade looks on skin below (prior to blending, that is):


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