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Vincent Longo Galaxy Dream Collection Is Outta This World





The sky may be the limit for his makeup artist brethren, but Australian-born Italian cosmetics expert Vincent Longo is shooting above and beyond the stars with his Galaxy Dream collection, a fantastical array of deliciously nebulous shades inspired by incandescent auroras, hazy molecular clouds, twinkling stellar clusters, metallic and shadowy asteroids, and ardent, fiery meteoroids.

The collection is anchored by five Vincent Longo Pearl X Eyeshadow ($25 at VincentLongo.com) shades, all of which cluster matte powders and pearlized textures in harmonizing shades. Each circular eyeshadow pan incorporates a minimum of three shades, with colors swirling and splattered about, perhaps as a nod to satellite views of the Earth. As with mosaic powders and blushes, you can design your own adventure as you sweep your eyeshadow brush across the top of each eyeshadow offering, selecting whether to swirl the bristles evenly across the entire surface or linger on a specific section with a distinctly dominant color.

Five shades of Pearl X Eyeshadow are available: Code 6 Pink, which features a light metallic turquoise blue, a peach-tinged antique rose, and a shimmering, taupe-ish charcoal, with speckles of magenta pink and yellow gold baked atop these three primary colors; Destiny Rose, a Secret Garden-worthy effort with a grassy, matte green hue paired with a violet-tinged pink, and a light lavender gray shade and topped off with grape purple, garnet, silver, and deep lavender speckles; Etherea, a warm, metallic palette featuring golden olive, Etruscan gold, and bronzed brown tones topped with bursts of matte brown, copper, and topaz; Novalei, perhaps the most inclusive palette with one predominant shade, a futuristic, silver-y gray with aqua, lavender, and mint undertones, sprinkled with purple, blue, and silver accents; and Luna Beach, which fuses together semi-matte purple, steely gray, and muddy brown shadows sprinkled with fuchsia, emerald, electric blue, and deep copper tones.

Though the eyeshadow palettes look like Monet masterpieces and their colors are fascinating in their pans, the true magic happens when the tones and textures are blended together. Check out swatches of the Luna Beach and Code 6 Pink shadows after the jump.

To ground any look created with the misty, shimmery, nebulous eyeshadows in the collection, Longo introduced four new shades of the Vincent Longo Perfect Shine V Gloss ($22 at VincentLongo.com), a lip-plumping, luscious lip color with an even, vinyl-ike sheen. The four new shades are: Sexty, a light brown with antique rose undertones; Carina, a peach hue with a warm, almost golden sheen; Ella, a mauve-toned brown with cool, mysterious tones; and Alpha 7, a rich fuchsia shade. I had the chance to try the Alpha 7 gloss, and I adored both its color payoff and its creamy texture which reminded me of a more sophisticated liquid lipstick as opposed to a sticky, glitter-packed gloss.

In addition to the color cosmetics in the collection, Longo focused on helping women to create the perfect backdrop for their planetary explorations. Available in Fair, Medium, Tan, and Amber, the Vincent Longo Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer ($28 at VincentLongo.com), enriched with circulation-boosting arnica extract and peptides designed to reduce puffiness and conceal eye circle, are packaged in pen-like tubes with felt-tipped applicators.

Check out the photos after the jump for makeup swatches, a sample look, and more galactic glamour!



Though the three base colors in this palette are relatively shimmer free, the splatter-shaped bits of magenta an yellow gold baked atop them add a subtle luminosity and vibrancy to the otherwise muted colors. If you swatch these colors individually, then, you’ll find a faint taupe-ish brown shade with cool gray undertones and a nacreous pearl finish; a neutral, almost nude peach tone with warm gold and pink speckles that recall beams of sunshine at dawn; and a misty, lavender-toned blue that results from blending the hot pink shimmer particles with the dusky light turquoise shade beneath it.

Below, you’ll find swatches that show what the shades look like if you were to run your brush along each section of the three-part palette.



Next, check out how the shades look when they’re blended together. Clearly, if you add more of a particular tone, the end result will differ, but you’ll always have that itoxicating, fascinating interplay of textures that really does recall cosmic nebulae.

—–     —–     —–



Next we have the Luna Beach shadow palette, which incorporates some of the darker shades in the collection. I personally adore how the matte, grape soda purple shade becomes this effulgent neon purple when blended with the electric blue speckles above it or how the icy gray shade in the center transforms into a sinister silvery steel.

Below, check out what the three shades look like individually:



Next, in the photo below, you’ll see how the three shades look when swirled together. Since I applied a lot of the bronze-tine brown color, the predominant undertone in this mystic, shimmer-packed veil of color is an earthy golden bronze but, to reiterate, this could change depending on the color proportions employed.



I was so smitten with the Luna Beach eyeshadow palette, that I couldn’t resist brushing the shades onto my lids. Below, then, you’ll find photos of a sample look. I kept it really simple here, focusing on the purple shade along the left side of the palette and brushing that color along my lids and sweeping it into the crease. To create a subtle contrast, I swirled my brush along the grey center of the palette and swept this lighter shade along the inner corners of eyes ever so lightly. And, to give my lips a bit of a kick, I applied the Alpha 7 Perfect Shine V Gloss.






—–     —–     —–



One of the four new gloss shades in the Galaxy Dream collection, the Alpha 7 is a raspberry-meets-fuchsia shade that’s as deep as your ordinary lipstick color but boasts an even mirrored sheen. Unlike many lip glosses, which dry out lips, this one both volumizes your pout and soothes it with nourishing peptides and antioxidants. It also manages to escape the glitter pitfall by utilizing an even, icy, vinyl-like finish as opposed to a pearl-packed look that would make you look like you’d been nibbling on a kindergartener’s art project.

Here’s how this perky pink looks like on skin:




Doesn’t this collection give new meaning to the phrase “To the galaxy and beyond”?

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