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A Glam Take On ’60s Beauty At GUiSHEM Spring 2012 Show





Buns with sideways humps along the front and Penelope Tree-worthy lashes conjured up ’60s cool at the GUiSHEM Spring 2012 show, held on Sunday, September 11th in The Box at Lincoln Center. To modernize the bouffants and bumps we associate with that era, Rodney Cutler, representing Cutler/Redken Salon, created a playful but sophisticated hair look that would harmonize with the clean lines in the GUiSHEM collection.

To create the look, Cutler first blow dried hair using Redken Full Sheer Straight 06 Lightweight Straightening Gel. Next, he created a diagonal part starting at the left side of the head and clipped the hair at the front, separating it from the rest of the mane. The majority of the hair, then, was pulled back into a ponytail secured at the center of the head. The hair in the ponytail was then twisted and wrapped around the base of the ponytail to form a bun. The top section of the head was then pulled to the right and rolled to create a hump shape, like a tiny crescent wave, and pinned in place. Last, he sprayed the Redken Fashion Work 12 all over the hair to ensure hold.

Temptu Lead Global Artist Cary Bishop, meanwhile, designed the dramatic, airbrushed eye makeup that infused some theatricality to the finished look.

To give models a smooth and even complexion, Bishop started by applying the BASE Smooth & Matte Primer, then camouflaged discolorations, redness, and blemishes with Undereye Concealer. For greater coverage, Bishop applied the Temptu AIR pod Foundation and then accentuated the cheekbones and jawline with the AIR pod HIGHLIGHTER in Champagne. Cheeks were given a sun-kissed finish with the TEMPTU AIR pod Bronzer in Warm Glow.

Lips were kept pretty and fresh with the muted pink Color Concentrate Lip Color launching in 2012.

The makeup tour de force, then, was the eye look created. Bishop started out by applying the RETOUCH Powder in Translucent to prep the lids. Next, black kohl pencil was drawn along the crease and under the brow bone, smudging it in along this region and down along the lower lid.

Bold black liquid liner was brushed along the upper lash line, curving the color upward for a cheeky winged effect. The liquid liner was then applied along the lower lash line, extending from the inner corner of eyes to the outer edge, where the wing details was situated. To make eyes appear larger and more doll-like, white kohl pencil was smoothed below the lower lash line, above the black liner.

Since strong, well-defined brows are making a huge comeback for Spring 2012, Bishop accentuated them using the new AIR pod Brow in Brunette. Last, models were given exaggerated, spidery, spiky top and bottom lashes for the desired nostalgic charm.

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