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Bliss Spa Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask Gives An Elasticity Boost

Give your complexion a chance to bounce back from a state of Gollum-ish pallor with the Bliss Spa Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask ($38 for 6-pack at BlissWorld.com). Meant to brighten, replenish, soften and smooth skin, the mask is packed with: bilberry extract, which is rich in anti-aging agents like reservatrol and quercetin; seaweed, which has such high anti-bacterial properties that it can unclog pores, kill acne-causing bacteria, and fend off excess oil; and vitamin C, which helps to even skin tone and protects skin from free radicals.

Each box houses six single-serving packets, each containing a powdery, almost ash-colored formula that, when mixed with water, develops a thick, viscous, cement glue-like texture. To prepare the mask for application, you simply have to empty one packet’s contents into a mixing bowl and fill the plastic measuring scoop (which comes in the box) with water. Using one of the sealed wooden spatulas included in the box, you then have to mix the contents together until you no longer see any powdery specks and the rubbery paste looks even and clump-free. At that point, using the spatula, you can apply the mask to your face, smoothing it all along your complexion and layering on liberally.

Once you’ve applied the sticky mask to your face, you’ll look like you’ve been attacked by plaster or perhaps hit in the face with a frosted cake. It may not be a Swamp Thing green, but it’s definitely not the kind of mask you want to have on your face when answering the door. Then again, that’s the wonder of  at-home spa experiences: we get to look ridiculous within the privacy of our own homes, emerging only one we’ve made the drab-to-fab transition.

While the Bliss Spa Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask requires more clean-up than your standard squeeze-onto-palms-and-spread-on-face number, the extra labor is well worth it. Besides, there’s a geeky sense of excitement that comes from conducting your very own chemistry experiment.

Once 30 minutes have elapsed, you can remove the mask. Because it has such a thick, rubbery feel, you’ll be able to literally peel it off your face, and you won’t get that skin-yanking sensation that you can often get from traditional peel-off masks. Any remaining residue can be rinsed off with water.

After using the mask once a week for three consecutive weeks, I noticed my skin’s tone looked more even and that my normally dry complexion felt more balanced and smooth.

Below, you’ll find a few more photos that illustrate the application process (including a very embarrassing one of me with the mask on my face!). Hopefully, they’ll help outline the various steps!





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