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Case-Mate Jessica Swift Collection of iPhone 4 Cases — From Flowers to Feathers and Kaleidoscopes







This revelation may prompt some gasps, but I’m not an iPhone user. I know, I know: you can make video calls and actually look at the person you’re dialing, the 5-megapixel camera takes high quality photos that can be displayed via nifty slide shows, the touch screen is so handy, and it’s just a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious device altogether. But, truth be told, I’m still faithful to my good old Blackberry, especially since I find the touchscreen keypad on the iPhone really inconvenient (I prefer actual keys) and I primarily use my mobile to type e-mails, send text messages, and tweet .

Still, on the style front, there’s no denying that the iPhone is a much sleeker device. Add to that the many cases designed to jazz up these mobile devices, and the urge to make the Blackberry-to-iPhone switch burns that much more vigorously. My latest source of temptation: the Case-Mate Jessica Swift collection of custom-designed iPhone 4 cases ($34.95 each at Case-Mate.com).

Jessica Swift β€”an illustrator, painter, surface pattern maker, and artist β€” designs original patterns for everything from stationery to calendars, notebooks, pocket mirrors, coasters, and screen prints (check out the goodies at her Etsy store). And now, she’s bringing her vibrant patterns to the tech-savvy masses through a collaboration with Case-Mate. 

There are sixteen iPhone 4 case signs in the collection β€” among them, the Peacock Feathers case, which features chartreuse and purple plumage dancing atop a deep teal backdrop; the Banana Magnolia case, which features a soft lilac backdrop covered with peach, banana yellow, and coral blossoms; the Deemah design, which features a kaleidoscopic print with geometric shapes that repeat over and over along the case’s surface; and the Masoud, a blush pink case with interlocking shapes in soft honeysuckle, pale peach, gray, and violet tones that form star-like shapes when they come together.

After the jump, you can also check out the Faded Flowers, Rukan, Samantha and Michaela iPhone 4 case designs. If you feel like giving your iPhone a makeover, then consider buying it some new duds from this artsy collection.





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