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Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All-Smooth SPF 15 Makeup — Feels Lighter But Offers Great Coverage


The newest foundation formulations feel so light and comfortable that they could almost be confused with tinted moisturizers. The difference between these product categories often involves around two issues: one, the degree to which skin care is prioritized via hydrating, anti-aging, detoxifying, clarifying, or brightening ingredients; and two, the level of coverage yielded, which tends to be the emphasis of foundations that fall steadily in the cosmetics range. Increasingly though, the line between tinted moisturizer and foundation is becoming muddier and blurrier, as companies increase the level of pigmentation in their skincare offerings while adding skin-loving extracts to their cosmetics. Case in point: the new Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15 ($32.50 at Clinique.com).

Available in twelve shades, this foundation goes on feathery light, never drying out, flaking, creasing, seeping into facial lines and wrinkles, or caking up — which is, after all, the reason why so many younger women have steered away from traditional foundation (well, that and the breakouts that would ensue after their foundation clogged pores!). This foundation is so light, in fact, that you’ll forget you even have it on (and how often can you say that about foundation?).

Sure, some women have complained that the formula is too sheer, that it doesn’t deliver as much coverage as its previous incarnation, but I beg to differ. If you’re using makeup as a means for expression and you want to try out a wildly experimental look, I’d suggest doing so with your choice of eye shadow, mascara, false lashes, liner, lipstick, blush, or gloss. If your complexion doesn’t function as a smooth and beautiful canvas, the final work of art will inevitably look more like a finger painting project than a museum-worthy masterpiece. Besides, the whole point of wearing concealer, foundation, or powder is to make your complexion appear naturally luminous, supple, and dewy. Outside of the kabuki theater and pantomime circles, a dramatically painted face is generally a no-no.

So what makes this product so special? Well, it contains the same technology as the Repairwear Laser Focus serum (albeit in smaller doses), which keeps skin hydrated throughout the day, thereby smoothing out lines and preventing any makeup from settling within these wrinkly trenches.

And, if you anticipate a need for greater coverage, simply follow up with some mineral or pressed powder (I’d recommend a loose mineral powder from Bare Escentuals to keep the look fresh but matte). You won’t feel like you’ve got cake-y makeup (in fact, you’ll forget all about it!), but you’ll still enjoy the benefits of both the tone-evening pigmentation and the wrinkle-reducing anti-aging technology.

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