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Green Room Thursdays — Envirosax “After Dark” Collection




By popular demand, we’re bringing back our “Green Room Thursdays” column, where we feature some of the coolest eco-friendly goodies on the market. Today’s selects: the new reusable totes in the Envirosax “After Dark” collection ($8.95 per bag with Envirosax.com), a collection consisting of five graphic floral prints in black, white, and gray.

As with all Envirosax totes, each of the styles in this collection  measures 50cm x 42cm and can hold up to 20 kg, so you can hit the farmer’s market and stash your fresh produce in the bag, pack your sneakers and towel in there before heading to the gym, or avoid using plastic bags at the supermarket when picking up milk and juice. Each bag can be rolled up and stashed inside a pouch that measures 10cm x 4.5cm, so that you can tuck it inside your purse and unfurl it as needed — all without it taking up an unnecessary amount of space or weighing you down.

We’re particularly smitten with the After Dark collection since all the bags feature hand-painted illustrations of blossoms like hydrangeas (pictured last, above) and Chinese hibiscuses (pictured at top) in shadowy, moonlit scenarios that conjure up a sense of intrigue. Some of the designs feel particularly arty thanks to the use of painterly brush strokes or watercolor-esque color diffusion, while others have daintier, more stencil-like silhouettes. Either way, they make us long for sunset.

Check out more of the bag designs after the jump!





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