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New Lia Sophia “Boudicca” Collection Designed By Dani Stahl








In between shuttling to and from Lincoln Center, Milk Studios, the Metropolitan Pavilion, Exit Art, Hammerstein Ballroom, and Eyebeam Art + Technology Center to cover the runway shows and the activity backstage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012, I traipsed over to the Empire Hotel (conveniently located across from Lincoln Center) and dropped by the Lia Sophia suite, where the latest jewelry collection was on display for fashion mavens to admire.

The newest Lia Sophia Red Carpet collection was once again designed by New York-bred fashion icon Dani Stahl, downtown darling and Style Editor-at-Large of Nylon magazine. This time around, Stahl drew inspiration from Boudicca, Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe who, in 60 AD, rallied her people to fight against occupying Roman Empire forces. In many illustrations, Queen Boudicca is depicted wearing a golden yellow dress with a blue cape, holding a spear with an arrow-like tip or blowing a horn as a call to arms. 

In keeping with the Boudicca motif, then, many of the pieces in the collection feature tusk-like horn shapes. Take, for example, the Horn Pendant Necklace (pictured second and fifth from top), available in either Black Onyx and Red Jasper Resin in Matte Gold with Black Diamond Crystals or in Blue Lapis and Carnelian Resin in Matte Gold with Black Diamond Crystals ($250, visit LiaSophia.com to find an advisor). The Horn Pendant Necklace, then, features a two-toned horn shape that curves upward like a half crescent moon, with a gold strip encrusted with three vertical rows of black diamond crystals along the center separating the two resin shades.

Horns also pop up on hinged golden cuffs ($375, visit LiaSophia.com to find an advisor), with two horn shapes facing in opposite directions practically kissing at the center point of the wide metal bracelets, and on chunky rings where the horns are stacked atop one another and hug the finger like claws. The Horn Ring with Black Diamond Crystals and Black Onyx and Red Jasper Resin in Matte Gold ($175, visit LiaSophia.com to find an advisor) and the Horn Ring with Black Diamond Crystals and Blue Lapis and Carnelian Resin in Matte Gold ($175, visit LiaSophia.com to find an advisor) figured among the hottest tickets at the press preview, with fashion editors an celebrities alike swooning over the pieces.

To conjure up visions of other warrior princess regalia, arrow-themed pieces prevailed, as with a golden necklace featuring faceted, slightly elevated arrows strung together, with one side of each downward-facing triangle covered in clear diamond crystals (as shown above) and the other left smooth and slightly mirrored. Similarly, necklaces and stretch bracelets with shield-like diamond shapes featuring concentric grooves and center accent stones in blue lapis or red jasper conveyed a sense of strength and power.

Below, you'll find more photos of this powerful collection. Who can put up a fight when faced with these mighty pieces? Surrender is the only option!





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