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Ombré Manicures by butter LONDON at Yigal Azrouel Cut 25 Presentation for Spring 2012





To complement the scuba-like silhouettes ( that abounded at Yigal Azrouel’ s Cut 25 Spring 2012 presentation, staged on September 11th, butter LONDON Founding Creative Director Nonie Creme designed the brand’s first-ever, runway-ready ombré manicure, incorporating the salmon pink, turquoise, and pastel pistachio green hues that comprised the collection’s primary color palette. The Cut 25 collection incorporated references to Pacific surf culture in the 1980s — to get an idea, think of the ocean side visuals in films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High or North Shore, then toss in the flashy colors of David Lee Roth’s “California Girls” video, and set it all to the chilled-out vibe of the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.”

Fittingly, the nail look created for the show had a beachy feel thanks to the clever color combination, but it still felt refined. There were no flamingo, palm tree, tidal wave, or sailboat designs airbrushed or hand-painted onto the nail’s surface. Instead, the groovy look relied on zig-zagging strips of color to create a woven-like effect that mirrored the textures of some of the threaded rope necklaces worn by the models.

To create the look, Creme first coated nails with a creamy salmon pink shade. Next, she added a deep turquoise color along the top of the nail, brushing the color in a triangle-like formation, with the pointed apex reaching the center of the nail plate. Rather than neat slopes, however, the slanted sides of this triangle shape were serrated and craggy, with the zig-zagging color helping to reference textile manipulation techniques. Next, Creme added a pistachio green color to the very top of the nail, right at the tip, again creating an inverse triangle shape, but leaving a strip of blue color uncovered for greater dimension.

The final result was a cheeky, vibrant, free-spirited, tricolor look, with each nail lacquer shade seemingly ushering another one in, doing so in such a seamless manner that it felt as natural as if we were exploring graduations of a single tone.

It’s a tricky look to recreate, but if they transformed this look into a pattern for an adhesive nail polish strip or even pre-printed artificial nails, we’d be lining up to get our hands on them — or, rather, to get them on our hands!



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