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Red Lips, Wispy Top Knots, And “Lethal Love” Gradated Manicures at Jen Kao Spring 2012







The theatrical, origami-esque, paper headpieces worn by models in the Jen Kao Spring 2012 show encapsulated the independent spirit of the collection, a parade of separates and dresses in desert-like shades (ranging from sunset orange to safari green, ochre, tan, coral, beige); watercolored textiles in blue, pink, and yellow hues; dip-dyed fabrics that captured the transition between day and night; asymmetrical hemlines; slashes, tear-outs, and strappy details; geometric prints and checkerboard patterns; and spiderweb-like cut-out effects.

The nail look created for the show mirrored the bevy of ombré fabrics in the collection. CND nail artist Wanda Ruiz created gradated manicures in four color schemes: cobalt, dark sapphire blue, green, and red. The diffused “Lethal Love” manicures were created using an airbrushing tool but, those interested in recreating the look at home, can use the CND Inkwell nail lacquer as the base shade and then top the color with CND Colours like Midnight Sapphire, Anchor Blue, Rouge Red, and Green Scene. While nails are still wet, they should apply a layer of Air Dry Top Coat to yield the final shade-blending ombre effect.

The wispy top knots envisioned for the show by Peter Gray for Cutler/Redken Salon encapsulated the strong, fun-loving, DIY spirit of the collection. To create the look, Gray started by blowing out hair with Redken Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse, splitting the hair into two ponytails, one holding the hair situated between the crown and the forehead and the other containing the hair from the crow to the nape of the neck. These two ponytails were then merged at the top of the head, slightly off the center, creating a ’90s knot with loose ends hanging toward the face and an overall wispy effect. The placement of the top knots varied from model to model, which helped to reinforce the idea of each woman walking to the beat of her own drum. To give the look an edgy twist, Gray created two small braids with colored string and pulled them into the ponytail base so that it looked like the braids were anchoring the updo. For hold, Gray sprayed  Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray and then applied Cutler Shine Tattoo for greater shine.



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