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Salute “The World’s Most Experienced Airline” With These Retro Pan Am Bags




Place your seats in the upright position, ladies! ABC’s “Pan Am” series, a period drama set in the 1960s and starring Christina Ricci, premieres this Sunday, September 25th. And, since we’ll have to wait until next year to watch Don, Pete, and Roger throwing back Old Fashioned cocktails before noon on “Mad Men,” we’ll have to whet our nostalgia-hungry appetites with this nugget. Just like Joan Holloway‘s gold pen necklace unleashed a collecting frenzy, expect viewers to lust after the snug powder blue skirt suits, white gloves, and pillbox hats the female cast wears on the show.

If you’ve already been seduced by the fashions showcased in the series’ promotional posters, here’s some great news: the vintage-looking Pan Am handbags Ricci clutches in the show’s ads are currently available on Voguette.com. Those who travel light can snap up the Pan Am Mini Explorer ($68 at Voguette.com), a polyurethane, zip-top, mini bowler bag (measuring 11″ x 6″ x 6″) in a Dodgers blue shade with the original Pan Am logo embossed in white along the front of the bag and white piping along the periphery and shoulder straps. Women who tote around a carry-on’s worth of items can select the Pan Am Explorer ($88 at Voguette.com), the mommy bowler bag in the collection. Measuring 17″ x 11″ x 10″ and featuring shorter, more durable handles, the Pan Am Explorer lets you fly high — even when you’re not exploring the friendly skies.

If you adore the pronounced femininity of 1960s fashion, you’ll be smitten with the Pan Am Hat Bag ($97 at Voguette.com), a round, cream-colored bag measuring 16″ in diameter, with the Pan Am logo embossed in a light silver color along its front surface. The cheeky PU piece features thin 20″ handles, along with a removable, adjustable, canvas shoulder strap. And don’t worry: you don’t actually need to store kerchiefs, cloches, and pillbox hats in there to make it all work.

These bags are so cute, you’ll have a hard time stowing them in any overhead bins. And, whether on air or on land, they’ll make the going great.


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