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Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes — Remove Dirt and Makeup, Not Skin’s Moisture

Sure, Cam’ron’s “go get ya wet wipes” plea was shrouded in misogynistic and hyper-sexual double entendres but, if we examine the hook from his 2006 single on a strictly literal level, we’ll find some wisdom therein. After all, haven’t we all extolled the wonders of a moist facial towelette at one point or another? Whether we’re using them to freshen up on a sweaty, humid summer afternoon or to remove foundation, powder and eyeshadow after an evening soiree, face towelettes can prove rather handy, removing makeup and grime without the need to access a bathroom sink, open the faucet, reach for a bottle of makeup remover and a fistful of cotton pads, or clean up the ensuing mess.

These days, there are almost as many facial wipe varieties as there are lip balm brands and flavors— and, while women value having options, once you start feeling like you need a manual to navigate through these choices, the situation becomes a bit daunting. Do you want an oil-controlling wipe or a soothing evening wipe? Do you need one with SPF protection? Should you choose a lightly scented option or an unscented variety? Are vitamin-enriched wipes automatically better? Do they need to say “makeup removing” in order to eliminate any cosmetics from your visage? Are botanical choices safer for women with sensitive skin? The list of questions goes on and on.

So how do you know which to pick? Well, it all depends on your specific needs and wants. Like any other skincare product, not all wipes are created equal. A woman with acne-prone skin, for example, may want to invest in towelettes enriched with botanicals that boast antibacterial and antiseptic properties, while a woman with sensitive skin will prefer a gentle wipe with such soothing ingredients as aloe and cucumber.

If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, I’d strongly recommend the  Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes (14 for one-pack or $25 for two-pack at Skinstore.com), which not only remove makeup and dirt but nourish and hydrate skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Unlike other towelettes, which feel either overly flimsy or dry and rough, these wipes feel hefty and remarkably soft thanks to the moisture packed into the fibers. Each wipe is so moisture-drenched, in fact, that you almost feel as if it will start dripping at any given point (but don’t worry — it won’t). This high level of moistness allows you to maximize the use of each wipe, so that you can remove stubborn makeup (including mascara and long-wearing cream eye shadows) without having to reach for an additional towelette.

What exactly is each towelette drenched in? Well, each Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipe is enriched with a Multi Lamellar Emulsion Formula containing vitamin E to protect skin from free radicals, soothing allantoin, and redness-reducing portulacea oleracea extract. Antioxidant-rich, fatty acid-loaded, deeply hydrating olive oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba seed oil together moisturize and soften your complexion.

When you swipe one of the Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes on your face, your skin is left refreshed and cleansed, as the makeup gently glides onto the surface of the towelette. But here’s the biggest selling point: unlike other facial towelettes that leave skin feeling dry, itchy and uncomfortable, the Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes pamper your skin so that it feels like you sprayed yourself with a thirst quenching mist. And, since there are no parabens or volatile alcohols in the formula, even women with ultra-sensitive skin can use these without apprehension.

So, ladies, go get your wet wipes!


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