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Halloween-Themed Goodies Worth Howling About

Whether you’re turning your home into a haunted space like Modern Family‘s Claire and Phil Dunphy; impersonating Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, or Snooki with your costume choice; creating an Elvira-worthy hairdo and a theatrical, hedonistic eye makeup look before hitting the club scene; or just dressing in your everyday clothes but infusing a hint of spooky fun via playfully eerie accessories, these spooktacular Halloween buys that will scare you straight!



Amrita Singh Skull Hoop Earrings, $100. Available at AmritaSingh.com

Tell-tale signs that it’s Halloween: Tales from the Crypt-ish skulls covering the exterior of large hoop earrings. These metal-plated brass hoop earrings, measuring 2.25″ in diameter, fuse together goth and glam aesthetics thanks to the dark theme and the clear and black crystals encrusted within the skull shapes.




Lulu Guinness Bloomsbury Spiderweb Umbrella, $65. Available at LuluGuinness.com

If your local forecast calls for rain, don’t let your high spirits be watered down. Simply break out this Lulu Guinness umbrella, which spans 1020mm when open, and show the world that the Itsy Bitsy Spider is so resilient that this creepy crawler can never be washed out.



target-spiderweb-two-tier-tray target-halloween-2011-dinnerware-collection

Target Skull Dinner Plates, $11.99 for Set of 6; Spider Web Cereal Bowls, $11.99 for Set of 6; Wine Goblets, $17.99 for Set of 6; and Spider Web 2-Tier Tray, $19.99. Available at Target.com

Hosting a dinner party? Sprucing up your home for those eager trick-or-treaters? Then set your table with these gothic plates, cups, and bowls. The melamine Skull Dinner Plates measure 11″ in diameter and feature a textured, static-y finish, while the plastic wine goblets feature baroque domed details that recall the décor at a murder mystery dinner theater. If you’re baking cupcakes, muffins, or any other pastries, display them on the two-tiered, black metal, spiderweb-shaped stand.



case-mate-tut-iphone-4-case case-mate-iphone4-monsta-case

Case-Mate Frank, Monsta, and Tut iPhone 4 Cases, $24.99 each. Available at Case-Mate.com

All three of these iPhone 4 cases are constructed out of flexible silicone and feature cut-outs for easy access to the phone’s control buttons and the camera lens. Choose between the Frankenstein-inspired Frank case, the sanguine Monsta case (which features raised accents for an easier grip), and the fang-tastic Tut case, with its angular slices and blotchy, inky splashes of color.


bing-bang-bat-stud-earrings bing-bang-wolf-stud-earrings

Bing Bang NYC Bat Studs, $38, and Wolf Mini Studs, $30. Available at BingBangNYC.com

Don’t want Halloween to turn into too expensive and time-consuming a production? Then just add a hint of flavor to your ensemble with these Bing Bang earrings which correspond to the theme but can be worn all year long. The silver-plated, brass bat studs are only 1″ wide, but they feature a bevy of details — fro etchings along the webbed bat wings to grooves along his body that resemble mussy hair. The sterling silver Wolf Mini Studs, plated in yellow gold, are even smaller, measuring 1/4″ in size, but they pack quite the hair-raising howl.



HBO Tru Blood Beverage, $16 for 6-Pack. Available at Store.HBO.com

Unlike Bill Compton’s synthetic blood cocktail of choice, these carbonated beverages don’t need to be categorized as B-positive, A-negative, or O-positive. Universally appealing, the Tru Blood beverage available at the HBO Store will appeal to those with a vampire fascination but no bloodthirsty tendencies of their very own. Each drink tastes a bit like orange soda but the carbonation is way more subtle here. Plus, when mixed with rum, it tastes like a spiked punch — perfect for a Halloween bash!

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