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Let It Rain With A Color-Changing Squidarella By SquidLondon Umbrella





Every gal who has survived adolescence can remember a period when she was fascinated by mood rings, when she waited eagerly to see if their stones would change from an eerie, galactic, alien-esque green to a neon, Tron-worthy turquoise or a fiery red — a transformation that, promotional charts notwithstanding, depended solely on body temperature fluctuations. But what fascinated us wasn't necessarily the reason behind the color change — it was the transformation itself that proved exciting (and the surprise element of not knowing when it would do so).

Now, you can experience this sense of rapture once again — without adopting a gecko or sporting jewelry that looks like it came from a plastic egg in a supermarket vending machine. In addition to its own original handbag, scarf, and apparel designs, Hayden-Harnett is offering hand-picked goods from some brands like SquidLondon, which specializes in color-changing graphic umbrellas. 

Each Squidarella by SquidLondon umbrella is made of a waterproof black fabric and features a print that appears white at first but morphs into a halogen-like scenario when soaked in the rain. The Squidarella by SquidLondon Umbrella in NYC Skyline ($38 at HaydenHarnett.com), pictured at top, features dominant images of the Big Apple all along its periphery in a collage-like formation: the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxis, a pedestrian traffic light, the Empire State Building, and more. The pattern looks stark and Mod when the skies are clear but, as the rain trickles down and the green, yellow, red, blue, and gray tones surface, the entire cityscape pictured in the umbrella comes to life. 

For a design that's not so geographically specific, check out the Squidarella by SquidLondon Umbrella in Bird Splash ($38 at HaydenHarnett.com) pictured after the jump, which features splatter-like blotches and soaring bird shapes. As you might discern from the pattern's name, the Bird Splash is a humorous take on the mess created when winged creatures, uhm, relieve themselves on windshields, window panes, shoulders, rooftops, and canopies. When soaked in moisture, the white splotches take on a technicolor feel, with each blotchy, spidery stain appearing like it consists of two or three juxtaposed smears in harmonizing hues: a sky blue over a Play-Doh green, an electric blue atop a pale blue over a sunshine yellow, and a creamy tangerine over a peony pink.

With these Squidarellas, you'll be setting fire to the rain, blazing through the stormy skies.





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