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L’Oreal Paris Studio Launches Online Hair Lookbook YourStyleYourStudio.com





Nowadays, cosmetics, skin care and hair care brands are moving beyond online retailers, behind-the-scenes video snippets, and straight-from-the-runway photo albums, instead creating thriving digital communities built around user participation. To make its latest venture a success, L’Oréal Paris Studio adopted a double-pronged approach, creating a resource-heavy destination armed with a searchable photo database of real-life hair looks to fit any woman’s (or man’s) hair type, length, texture, color, and overall aesthetic. Users are free to either post looks or search the constantly growing database at YourStyleYourStudio.com to determine which style might look good on them.  Next comes the second leg of the venture: the tutorial element. Once users become enamored with a specific look, they can find out how to recreate it using L’Oréal Paris Studio products by watching one of the how-to video tutorials and even sparking a dialogue with the users who posted their photos.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of styling your shoulder-length mane into a rocker-flavored pompadour, you can find inspiration in looks like Ashbash’s The Pomp-Adore (she recommends the Body Builder Mousse, Mega Hairspray, and Pumping Volume Spritz, along with tons of bobby pins when recreating the look) while, if you’ve contemplated dyeing your tresses a candy-worthy shade, you can check the cotton candy pink angular bob sported by AlexisE. For less avant garde options, check out the sexy bedhead waxy ‘do created by BebeZeva or embrace the Bohemian spirit of Fall 2011 with loose but well-defined curls like those modeld by user CelticFire.

Using the handy search categories, then, you can browse through looks by selecting  your hair length (Long, Medium, or Short), the desired look (Curly, Wavy, Spiky, Updo, Braided, Straight, Afro, Bangs, Volumized, Piecey, Ponytail, Slicked Back, etc.), the color of your mane (brown, black, blond, red, or other), the products used to get the look (spray, gel, mousse, putty, texturizer), and your hair personality (Natural, Rocker, Mod, Beachy, Nerd, Boho, Urban, Chic, Indie, Emo, Goth, Punk, Artsy, Out of Bed, Wild, Retro, Artsy, Hipster, Avant Garde, and more). As might be expected, I’m particularly drawn to the Rocker, Artsy, Punk, Wild, Avant Garde, and Chic looks since they tend to be the most boundary-pushing of the lot. Still, you can search any category you please depending on your mood (or your destination — after all, you can’t exactly hit a traditional wedding in a mohawk!).

As for the products used to create these looks, they can all be found in the L’Oréal Paris Studio range, which includes a plethora of products that provide the necessary effect at a fraction of their competitor’s prices. Though I tend to run from mousse at the frenzied pace of The Killing‘s Rosie Larson, I must tip my imaginary hat to the Body Builder Mousse ($4.99 at LOréalParisUSA.com) since it does yield volume without leaving hair feeling starchy, stiff, or tacky, allowing you to manipulate your hair into anything from a Gloria Estefan-worthy curly mane to a Bardot-esque bouffant. For severe looks where you want hair to be ultra slick and almost appear wet, try the L’Oréal Paris Studio Mega Gel ($4.99 at LOréalParisUSA.com) which will prevent hair from budging without flaking an creating the dreaded dandruff-like situation that can often ensue after a heavy dose of gel.

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