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Lulu Frost for J.Crew Jewelry Collection — An Adventure Through Art Deco Style






Vintage elements ranging from crystal brooches to antique beads abound in jewelry designer Lisa Salzer’s the mastermind behind Lulu Frost pieces — and yet there’s an aesthetic balance struck via the mélange of motifs from different eras, cultures, and geographical locations. Art deco crystal details, for example, are juxtaposed against chunky chains imbibe with a modern bravado but also boasting an antiqued finish, or they are placed atop bright resin backdrops that evoke the Mod ’60s. Gold and brass metal in tribal-influenced serpent, leaf, and horn shapes, as well as Czech stones, smooth pearls, and woven silk charmeuse or suede are also factored into these time-traveling, world-exploring, period-defying concoctions.

 Now, you can “frost yourself” (to borrow a phrase from the seminal chick flick How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days) with some Lulu Frost baubles thanks to the latest collaboration between Salzer and all-American fashion retailer J.Crew.

The Lulu Frost for J.Crew collection features Art Deco-tinged bangle bracelets, pendant necklaces and earrings crafted mainly using colorful, glossy resin and Czech crystals set in antiqued silver-plated brass castings. Take, for example, the Lulu Frost for J.Crew Resin and Crystal Appliqué earrings pictured above, at top ($65 at JCrew.com), which measure 3″ in length and feature two elongated, triangle-shaped silver-plated brass plates covered with clear Czech glass crystals, one layered over a larger, triangle-shaped, glossy moss green resin piece with sloping, faceted sides along the pointed tip. The two Czech glass crystal triangles form a diamond-like formation, their flat bases separated only by two silver-colored hoops uniting the top and bottom sections of the dangle earrings.

Similar geometric shapes can be spotted in pieces like the Lulu Frost for J.Crew Thin Deco Bangle ($45 at JCrew.com), pictured fourth from top in a yellow color, a 2 1/2″-wide rounded resin bracelet with Czech glass crystals set in an antiqued silver-plated brass casting riveted atop the bangle’s surface. The brass casting incorporates two triangle shapes spreading out in opposite directions like airplane wings, with a rectangular center strip featuring two vertical rows of crystal stones.

The 29″-long Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crystal Horseshoe Necklace ($118 at JCrew.com), pictured third from top, features a red resin diamond-shaped pendant with a laurel wreath detail along its center created using faceted rectangular, leaf, and round Czech crystals. A second necklace features this very diamond shape, but the resin in the Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crystal Duette Pendant Necklace ($135 at JCrew.com) functions as an accent rather than a foundation. The Crystal Duette Pendant Necklace also features a 10k gold-plated brass chain measuring 29″ in length but, in this case, the pendant is covered with pavé-set Czech glass crystals arranged in curved formations, with two rainbow-like arches touching along the center of each triangle, a larger square stone marking the point of contact. Two green resin bars run horizontally along the center of the diamond shape, completing the Art-Deco-meets-Mod effect.

Below, you’ll find more pieces from the limited-edition collection. Are you ready to Frost yourself?




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