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New Fall 2011 Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap Scents


Think of the scents you associate with fall: pecan pie, pumpkin, cranberry sauce, hot cocoa, piles of sun-kissed leaves,steamed vanilla, oatmeal cookies, gingerbread, warm apple cider, pine trees, nutmeg, and more. As we delve deeper into the autumn season, Bath & Body Works is helping us infuse our homes with the smells that give us the desired warm and toasty sensation we so covet on these cooler days, when cozy sweaters and scarves are an absolute must.

Four new scents were added to the ever-expanding array of Bath & Body Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps ($5.50 each or 4 for $15 at Bath & Body Works stores and BathandBodyWorks.com): Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Orchard Leaves, Creamy Pumpkin, and Cranapple Crisp.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll really love the Pumpkin Caramel Latte Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, which has a creamy and smooth fragrance. The pumpkin note dominates all other notes, and it’s a milky, slightly buttery, pie-like scent as opposed to the more tart scent of a newly carved pumpkin. The caramel note, meanwhile, adds a playful kick without overpowering the other ingredients, while a hint of coffee adds a smoky and mysterious quality.

Those of you who steer clear of anything saccharine will appreciate the fresh feel of the Orchard Leaves Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, which has watery green notes mixed with crisp green apple, spiced cider, and cinnamon sticks for a spicy but earthy effect.

Thanks to the handy pump dispenser, you can dispose just the necessary amount of soap plus it’s a nice fluffy foam from the moment it lands on the palm of your hand. Best of all, the soaps leave hands clean without stripping them of their moisture — in fact, they’re formulated with honey, a natural humectant, antiseptic, and antibacterial; softening and smoothing coconut milk; and highly absorbent olive fruit extract, which acts as an antiseptic and is rife with flavonoids that boast anti-aging benefits by promoting cellular renewal; and silk proteins, which moisturize the skin and help it retain the optimal level of hydration.

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