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WeSC x Bing Bang Capsule Collection — A Beautiful And Slightly Twisted Fantasy







Designer Anna Sheffield's distinct aesthetic hinges on her ability to intertwine the delicate and the coarse, incorporating feminine and masculine motifs, and toying with the contrast between hard and soft. In her Bing Bang line, braided mixed metal chains and tarnished-looking, hammered copper and brass pendants are mixed with Bohemian-flavored feather motifs, vintage-looking tassels, dainty star and heart charms, and tribal-tinged wood beads. This boundary-pushing, category-defying, tough-but-sweet style is precisely what drew the attention of city slick Swedish fashion and headphones brand WeSC. The recently released WeSC x Bing Bang collection, then, incorporates the irreverent, brassy, take-no-mess spirit of WeSC and combines it with the lethal but lovely Bing Bang look.

The collection, of course, incorporates a pair of hefty headphones (for which WeSC is known). Part of the WeSC x Bing Bang Box Set, the black headphones feature gold-plated ear cups adorned with golden heart motifs and a gold-and-black adjustable headband and  incorporate 40mm power drivers for excellent sound quality. The headphones come in a sleek black box with a foil-like golden heart detail placed off center on the top of the box so that it wraps along the side of the lid. A chain strand with a heart frame dangles from the headphone chord, adding a cheeky accent. In addition, the box set incorporates a sterling silver bracelet with a hollow heart shape threaded through a loop.

On the jewelry front, pieces include the sharp, dangerous-feeling WeSC x Bing Bang Bar Ring ($88 at WeSC.com/BingBang), a two-finger piece made mainly of copper, fused with a hint of zinc and tin. As its name implies, the top of the ring has a completely flat and mirrored surface with a sword-like etched detail. The sides, meanwhile, have a hammered, almost honeycomb-like finish. Another similarly tough piece is the  WeSC x Bing Bang Pocket Knife Necklace ($92 at WeSC.com/BingBang), a copper-based pendant resembling a folding blade, with the words "Til Death" engraved along the tamarind-like curve of its top surface adding an ominous, almost gothic feel. Since there is an actual blade inside the pendant, make sure not to rock this when heading for the airport or any other situation that may involve a security check (hey, no one wants to be escorted into the infamous little room!)

Those with more of a prim disposition will adore the WeSC x Bing Bang Forever Nameplate Necklace, which features the word "forever" in cursive, gold-tinged copper letters and a hefty, oxidized-looking chain link strand ($79 at WeSC.com/BingBang). Another great option: the WeSC x Bing Bang Mixed Chain Bracelet ($72 at WeSC.com/BingBang), which features a silver-toned bracelet combining two chain link styles, as well as a copper-based, heart-shaped locket in a framed shape.  

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