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A Natural Eye Lift Prescription — Origins Introduces the Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment


When I was a tempestuous and snide teenage girl (both common and yet regrettable attributes that tend to accompany adolescence), I would hear the adults around me utter phrases like, “Time flies!” or “It all goes by so fast,” with alternating euphoric and rueful undertones, and I’d always wince or roll my eyes and think, Yeah, right! High school is friggin’ endless. But now, almost 15 years after my high school graduation, I find myself becoming reacquainted with former classmates with whom I fell out of touch and staring at their photos and giving my own time-is-so-transient commentary, wondering aloud, “Wow, three kids?” or “He went gray? But he’s so young!” Turns out, time really does fly. And, while I love the idea of growing old gracefully, I also love the idea of facilitating that process with the right skin care regimen, diet, and so on. Which is why, when it comes to eye cream, I advise twenty-somethings to start investing now, before their skin begins to wrinkle and crease.

Why is the skin around the eyes so high-maintenance? Well, the skin tissue in this area is about three times thinner than that on other areas of the face. Enter the bevy of aging signs that surface in this facial region: from crow’s feet fanning out at the corners of eyes to droopy eyelids; “troughs,” the deep horizontal lines that create shadows under the eye; “lid creepiness,” which makes the skin on the lids appear prune-like; and “cross-hatching,” a colloquial term for the crisscrossed lines under the eye.

To tackle these pesky problems, Origins just released the Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment ($42.50 at Origins.com), tweaking the formula used for its Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, launched in March, to suit the needs of the tender skin in this eye area. The Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, then, relies on Anogeissus tree bark, an evergreen tree found in the tropical regions of Africa that boasts antibacterial and wound-healing properties. Always on the hunt for new botanicals with skin benefits, Origins researchers experimented with Anogeissus tree bark and discovered that it aids in the production of fibrillin, a glycoprotein vital in the synthesis of elastin — which, in turn, helps skin remain firm, taut, and smooth.

Another vital ingredient is kombucha, a fermented black tea that has become popular among foodies and health nuts alike — in fact, walk through a Whole Foods store, an you’re likely to stumble upon GT’s Organic Raw Kambucha and Enlightened Synergy drinks, not to mention kombucha-flavored Yogi tea bags. Though little scientific data exists detailing kombucha’s benefits when applied topically, research indicates that, when ingested, it can boost the immune system and help to expel toxins. Because it’s rich in antioxidants, the natural substance can defend the skin from harmful free radicals. Its glucoronic and lactic acid compounds, meanwhile, are believed to fortify the skin, helping it retain moisture and elasticity.

Siegesbeckia Orientalis extract, meanwhile, helps boost collagen production and rebuild the collagen matrix. Lastly, rosemary extract functions as a natural antioxidant while also boasting anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting properties.

The Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment has a deliciously light consistency — almost like canned mushroom soup when it’s first poured into a pot, before it’s fully liquefied by the heat from the stove top’s burner. It’s almost fluffy texture allows you to gently dab the treatment to the eye area and, within seconds, the skin absorbs it. Not only will you love the cooling sensation you feel when you first dab it onto the eye area, but you’ll be pleased when, moments later, the skin in this area starts feeling a bit tighter, a surefire sign that the active ingredients are working to firm that skin and reduce the appearance of any wrinkles, lines, and crevices.

Within 4-6 weeks, you should start seeing more dramatic results in terms of the overall visibility of these lines and wrinkles. That being said, if your biggest concern is dark under-eye circles, you may want to alternate between this cream and one with a natural brightening agent like lemon extract or licorice.





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